Thoughts From The Wilderness – Are You Grateful for Your Blog?

The eighth instalment in the series Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) in my opinion, presents the most challenging question yet, that being Blogging Insights #8 – “Are You Grateful For Your Blog?”

Are you grateful for your blog?

The short and obvious answer I would think for all of us would simply be “yes – of course.” If you weren’t grateful, why would you keep the onerous task of blogging going then?

Dr. Tanya gives us a bit of help and insight to get started.

The spirit of gratitude is in the air with Thanksgiving being celebrated in different parts of the world. It is a good idea to be grateful every day for all that you have and all that you are able to do. But in the rat race that is modern life you tend to forget this, so it is good to have a seasonal reminder. Today’s blogging insights questions centre around gratitude.

Her questions are:

1. Are you grateful for your blog?

2. How do you express your gratitude?

3. Has blogging added value to your life? 


Are You Grateful For Your Blog?

Although there are days when blogging and typing away on the keyboard on our Mac is the last thing I might want to tackle before heading off to bed, I am always grateful and exceedingly satisfied having pushed publish on my very first post back in 2016.

Much like our lives grow and change throughout the years, blogging has grown and changed for me during the past 3 to 4 years. In a nutshell, blogging and my blog, have allowed a creative tap to be turned on that has helped me in a variety of ways.

One way, in particular, has provided the avenue to delve into a variety of mental wellness issues in my own life. By writing how I may be feeling or what I may be experiencing in terms of overall emotional and mental wellness and how I might be dealing with those issues.

I have had many wonderful responses from other bloggers and readers who are dealing with many of the same emotional and mental wellness concerns. Each one of those responses has provided a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that others have gleamed a small nugget from a post, or that they have given me a new tool to work with or advice to further move along the path we call life.

Blogging has made me have to push the boundaries of creativity, which always results in growth as a person. Blogging through necessity has pushed my creativity to become a better blogger. Crafting a post better; writing better; working on topics of relevance.

In addition, it has also pushed me into different avenues of creativity, such as poetry, which has pushed and stretched the boundaries of my creative influence beyond what I would have imagined.

How Do You Express Your Gratitude?

Not sure how to express gratitude to an inanimate object such as a blog?

However, being asked the question, one way to express or show gratitude is to hone your craft each day. In other words, keep working at getting better as a blogger as time marches on.

Read more, learn more about the art and craft of blogging. Pay attention to what your readers are saying and commenting on. These things benefit not only yourself but more importantly, those on the other end who are reading, what in many cases, you’ve poured your heart and soul in to.

Interacting with those who read and take the time to leave a comment, whether it is short or a long and often profound paragraph is the heart and soul often of what we call this crazy, yet wonderful world of blogging.

The art of blogging is a two-way street if you like. Gratitude is expressed outwards to others when we know deep inside of us, that at the other end of the computer link, there is a real person; with real feelings; real emotions and thus we treat and respect them as real people. Not simply as a bunch of keystrokes on a computer screen that needs a response to a comment or post.

Gratitude is a feeling or attitude we adopt or should adopt as a blogging community.

Being grateful for the opportunity, we have each time we sit down at the keyboard and to express that gratitude outwards to those who we may never hear from, but have had their lives touched by the words we write.

Has Blogging Added Value To Your Life?

Again, the very short answer would be a resounding – yes!

Blogging has made me look internally into who I am as a person and dissect the process or path(s) that have brought me any particular point in my life. As difficult as that has been at times, it has resulted in emotional and mental wellness becoming stronger.

It has caused growth in who I am as simply me.

I have also met some wonderful and extraordinary people in the blogosphere. Each one of them has added a measure of value to me as a person.

Growth in you as a person is always a value-added pursuit and is always a value-added end product.

Blogging has in no uncertain terms added much value to my life.

Again a big thanks goes out to Dr. Tanya for adding much value to the blogging world through her series Blogging Insights.

Each topic(at least for myself) results in taking a step back to examine details or personal aspects of blogging that many bloggers may never honestly think about.



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17 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Are You Grateful for Your Blog?

    1. Thanks Sadje. I think it is a good exercise(s) that has come out of the “Blogging Insights” series by Dr. Tanya.

      It is too easy at times to get caught up in the routine of blogging and the work that entails. It is nice to sit back and think about how blogging does enrich or make our lives better. Blogging at some point equates to growth for a person. At least thats what I believe.

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  1. Thank you Glenn, for this most insightful response.
    I really like your metaphor of “creative tap”.
    Also, I did not think of honing one’s craft to be a way of expressing gratitude; you are so right, it absolutely is.

    I am so encouraged to learn that you are enjoying this series as much as I am. I had thought of ending it after ten installments but now I feel I will continue.

    Liked by 2 people

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