Thoughts From The Wilderness – A Good Day To Smile

It’s still kind of early here at the “old homestead” on Friday morning. The sun is now just starting to peak over the eastern horizon.

For those of you who have followed along with Lynn and I over the past number of years, know that the outdoors fills a good or large chunk of our awake and not so awake hours.

Whether it be hiking, canoe tripping, snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies or positioned along slightly above a raging river in an ice canyon at night or even a simple week’s worth of camping at a drive-in campground, we do tend to spend a fair amount of time outdoors.

The past year has taught ALL OF US a number of different life lessons. Some good one and unfortunately some bad or horrendous ones.

One thing we can always do and it is entirely up to us and it is the one thing we have absolute control over is our attitude. Now, I get that out attitude can change and often on an hourly basis, but it is still one thing we have control over.

Over the past year, one thing that many of us feel we’ve lost is a sense of control. Without a doubt, we’ve and many others have lost far more than control. The loss of loved ones is most certainly at the top of the list.

I’m not writing this as some sort of “pollyannaish” rose-coloured glasses all is good unrealistic outlook on our current situation.

Nope – our current situation in an overall sense is quite crappy or worse to tell the truth.

But, I do have a couple of suggestions.

If you find your overall whelmed by all the media coverage and granted most, if not all of it is negative, I get that. So, my suggestion and please excuse my language is “get the fu@k-off FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, the television, the radio, and just about any other media outlet.” Believe me – you’ll feel oh so much better.

Secondly and most importantly..

Smile and take a very deep breath. And once you’ve done that – do it again.

A smile and a deep breath can be the catalyst to change your attitude. Remember, your attitude is the one thing you have control over. Don’t give it up.

The pictures in the above collage where taken on our vacation camping trip trip last year to Algonquin Park.

Thinking back at our week there and looking at those pictures makes me smile and take a deep breath all at the same time.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Little Is Good

I have no idea if Winnie The Pooh said this or not. Although, it does kind of sound like something he would have softly muttered to Piglet at some point during one of their walks along a wet and foggy trail in the “Hundred Acre Wood.”

Nevertheless, those words hold so much water.

Our hearts are pretty big places when it comes to holding things that are nearest and dearest to us in it.

As I type this, I’m not sure where we’ll end up.

All that I know is life is made up mostly of small things. Oh sure, there are the obvious big things like family and loved ones, but in reality life is a long series of small and often inconsequential or not so inconsequential events.

We’re told or at least I’ve been told, not to “major on the minor” or stop focussing on the things that are essentially minor in detail or nature. Why waste valuable energy of things that at the end of it all didn’t have much meaning in the overall big scheme of life?

I have found over the past year, that my own mental wellness at times had the snot knocked out of it from time to time. And as I type this, I find myself at yet another low or certainly lowish point.

Our daughter lives on the east coast of Canada and has been dealing with her own mental wellness and coping issues for the past couple of years. Communication was/is one of the biggest hurdles that she seems to confront. We haven’t heard from her directly in about a month and a half give or take a few days. Her former roommate who she moved east with after college, said that our daughter is trying hard and that if there was a major problem our daughter and/or her boyfriend would reach out to her.

This is a long story and better saved for another post. We aren’t able to travel to the east coast due to travel restrictions upon entering Nova Scotia. I checked and we wouldn’t be able to enter and not isolate for two weeks, even on compassionate grounds.

I don’t know if love is big or small. Hard to measure I guess.

All I know is that my love for her and to make sure she is safe, is the only thing that fills my heart at the moment.

Sorry for the ramble, but keeping the emotions in, makes my dark days even darker.

— always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Why?

Not that there has been a lot going on in my life at the “old homestead”, but there seems to be a lot going on at the “old homestead.”

Not with us so much, but with me.

I have been in a rather darkish place for the past number of weeks, or maybe even longer than that.

I’m stuck swirling around a seemingly never-ending vortex of the question, “why?”

Why my life or what is my purpose in this life?

I don’t think any of you can answer that for me. But, if you want to, please give it a go.

I get that many of us have been battered and bruised over the past year or so with the mental wounds caused by the pandemic. I include myself in that group.

Maybe it is just as simple as that. Burnt out from a year of this. But again, who knows.

So, this is where I start my day again.

And to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to answer that question. It’s been one I’ve been trying to answer my whole life.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Why The Rush

I’ve written likely far too much on the whole freakin’ idea of life is meant to be lived at a much slower pace than most of us live it.

I remember reading or talking to people about a year ago, that maybe this world-wide health crisis we find ourselves in, will cause humanity to stop and re-evaluate much of life and how we live it.

The original intentions of this “re-evaluation” were good and exceedingly admirable. But, the reality is – I’m not sure much has changed.

Most of us continue to rush to work; continue to rush to this and that.

Rush, rush and more rush.

I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone. I know there are many who have put the brakes on; given life a once over cleanup and now are in a much healthier position. Excellent.

Priorities is one word that does come to mind here. What are your priorities or the important things in life?

Only you can answer that one.

But, there is one thing that is abundantly true or something to take heed of.

You don’t want to wake up dead some day and think to yourself, “what if?”

So, slow down; figure out the path you supposed to be on; get on it(if you’re not there already) and live the life that is going to make you love it.

Short and a bit rambling…..but you get the drift.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Rebirth

It’s an early Friday morning here at the “old homestead” and there is the smell of spring in the air. Not entirely sure “what spring smells like”, but it does feel like spring is slowly creeping up on us.

Spring is the time of year for new birth or rebirth for that matter. It’s this time of year most baby animals are born, and along with that those tiny crocuses and other early spring flowers that pop up through the thinning snow blanket in their rebirth to hearld warmer times are “a coming.”

This picture was taken a few years back during a buggy spring trip to Algonquin Park.

Just off Highway 60, is an area known the the “Old Mew Lake/Lake of Two Rivers Airfield.” The new implies exactly what it is – an old abandoned airfield. A large flat area, surrounded by rolling Algonquin hillside.

However back in 2012, a prescribed and controlled burn was done within the Mew Lake/Lake of Two Rivers Airfield. There was an information board along the trail describing how and why the burn was done by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Unfortunately, we didn’t snap a picture of it.

The following I found from a 2012 local newspaper article

“Prescribed burning was also used on two plots of land in the Pembroke area, covering a total area of 6.2 hectares on the Highway 60 corridor at the Lake of Two Rivers airfield. The objectives of the burn were to assist park staff with habitat manipulation of a grassland area for songbird research and to promote the development of fire management and ecosystem management techniques for the park’s interpretive program.”

As one can imagine, the area would have looked pretty desolate after the fire was extinguished. Burnt and charred trees and the ground looking like a sickened and blackened carpet rescued after a house fire.

But, as the picture indicates within what appeared/appears to be a location of bleakness, life sprang forth. “Life finds a way.” Now, there is a whole science behind the how and why certain plants and trees pop up in a relatively short time frame in an area either from a controlled burn like here or a uncontrolled burn from say a lightning strike.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that for most of the world, we’ve existing in some pretty bleak and shall we say “burnt conditions.” The going global pandemic has certainly “blackened the earth” if we’re looking for a metaphor to describe the situation.

But, as in the picture “life finds a way” or “there will be a new or rebirth.”

My original thought when “birthing” this post, was to tie it into God looking after us and that even in the most dire of circumstances that may blacken our lives, HE is there to help us rise from the blackened and often scorched landscape. That’s good, but for a later time.

Often we need to go through a trial of fire if you will, in order to clean out the deadwood or debris in our lives, to allow new growth to take root and flourish. In a forest fire situation, after the burn nutrients in the soil are exposed, thus allowing new growth to occur. The Jack Pine for example, needs the heat of a fire to get it’s pine cone to expand and allow the seeds in the cone to drop onto the nutrient rich ground – new growth.

Just because it may feel like you’ve been through hell or your life is looks like the “Mew Lake/Lake of Two Rivers Airfield” two days after that controlled burn, and that there is no opportunity for change or new growth. I get that. And often new growth has a certain level of shall we say pain and discomfort associated with it. And has a human species, we do tend to shy away from anything associated with pain. However, the old “no pain – no gain” cliche does hold a bucket full of truth here.

There is great opportunity in front of you. Perhaps what you desire or are striving for, even if you’re not entirely sure what that is yet, just needed some nutrient rich soil in order to germinate. And remember, a controlled burn is exactly what the terms entails, a “controlled burn.” Maybe this is the day to get rid of whatever debris and deadwood is choking or undermining the chance for new growth to occur.

You have the ability to “control burn” whatever amount of stuff – small or large in your life. You decide what and how much.

Remember, given the right and fertile circumstances….”life finds a way.”

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Follow The Path

While scrolling through some past pictures Lynn snapped on one of our many Algonquin Park adventures over the past year or so, I came across this particular one of a wooden boardwalk along the Western Uplands Backpacking Trail.

Even when we were hiking along it and still today, it reminds me that in the bigger scheme of life there are two paths that we can travel.

The first one is the path that someone picks for you or is constructed by someone else. It might be a path that our parents want us to take; or some path society thinks we should head down; or a path that evolves from somewhere or someone else.

For example, it may not be medicine, but the story may play out like: my grandfather was a Doctor, my father was a Doctor, therefore I must be a Doctor. See where this is going?

Or it may be that we for some god-forsaken reason were pushed and prodded at once point in our younger years to start down a path of life, that may not be what we envisioned for ourselves.

Regardless of how we got on this path, we blindly head down it with little or no forethought, much like sheep and take no heed to any potential obstacles that may be waiting for us years down the road. Such, as “why did I take on this career – it’s fu@king destroying me mentally and emotionally.”

The second path is one we often forge through our own design. Forging our own path in life can be scary as fu@k. Especially if we’re midway through our life and come to the eye-opening conclusion, I need to change the direction that I’m currently heading in.

This is not to suggest that taking the path that someone else slides your way or has done already is terrible and will ultimately lead you to death and/or destruction. If your family is chock full of doctors and your burning desire since grade 3 is to be a doctor..then go be a doctor.

But, most of us need to forge our own path in life. Why?

Well, I can think of three reasons right off the top:

  • someone else’s path, might not be our path – seems simple enough
  • following someone else’s path may take us to a place we never wanted to end up in – mental wellness issues; failed marriage…. because we’ve spent forty years on the wrong path
  • to grow as a person we need challenges – from those challenges that evolve from the path we’ve chosen

I get that this is a huge overgeneralization or a somewhat simplistic view our the path we trudge along through in life.

But, the questions till remains. And will always remain, until a couple of things happen.

First, ask yourself the question, “is this the path I need to be or should be on? Secondly, if not, “what are you going to do about it?

You and only you can answer those questions.

The wrong path will always lead to places where we never should have ended up at. It applies in the wilderness on an adventure, as well in the adventure we call life.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Advice From A Waterfall

One of these days, I’ll find the inspiration to create a new post as compared to rehashing an “oldie but goodie” from the past.

To say it has been a strange; weird; difficult; and sad year doesn’t even come close to describing the last 365 days(+/- a few).

Some days when at the computer writing, the words flow as easy and smoothly as a brook tumbles peacefully over pebbles in a forest hollow. Other times, pulling teeth from your own head would be easier and less painful.

The key I think is to “keep keeping on.” In other words, just simply keep plugging away. So, maybe tomorrow(Friday) might be the day for something new.

As I’ve written before and as you’ll read in a second, I’m not a huge fan of these “Advice From A…..” quotes and graphics. The next question that pops into my mind is, “why have you done three or four pieces utilizing them?” That is a good question. I don’t know to be honest. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of them or that someone has already taken the time and effort to create the sub-headings. I thinking it may very well be the second point. Why recreate the wheel?

Nevertheless, there are some good points in “Advice From A Waterfall” to let smoulder away in the coals of your mind. It just occurred to me, that these “Advice From..” things all deal with aspects of nature. I wonder why nature?

From last year..

— as always with love —

Not long ago, I went on at some length about these “Advice From A ……” quotes and imagines.

Although many of them I have found or seen online aren’t necessarily tools I might run too, the essence of the messages contained in them, I think is useful as a helpful or wise reminder for a variety of instances and situations.

One key lesson we all need to learn and heed is that often we need to step back from living every once in a while and look at a much bigger picture of life. Life is more than the chaos and swirling dust-devils that often fill our 24/7 and 365 days a year existence.

Although more can be said on “the bigger picture of life look at things“, there is some excellent advice on living life through the lens of viewing a waterfall.

Advice from a Waterfall


Let your cares fall away

How often do we keep lugging the same issues and concerns around with us? Well, in fact, it’s most of the time.

The sad thing is, that many of our cares, issues and concerns are so minor in nature that in the big scheme of life, they don’t amount to more than a hill of beans.

Stop making insignificant stuff – significant. Such as waste of emotional and mental energy.

Unfortunately, we do tend to “major on the minor.”

Let your cares fall away.

Roar with excitement

Life is the world’s largest buffet table. Everything is available, just simply toddle on up to the bar and pick whatever floats your boat. Having the opportunity to eat at the world’s largest buffet, should fill all of us with excitement. All we need to do is simply fill our plates and eat.

In other words, life is meant to be enjoyed and most importantly, it is meant to be experienced.

Try something new today; expand your comfort zone a bit. All that life has to offer; all of the different experiences that are out there should cause you to roar with excitement.

No roar; no growth.

Roar with excitement.

Go with the flow

Stop planning everything life within an inch of its own “life.” Sometimes you just got to “go with the flow.”

Of course, some things in life do need significant planning and attention to detail. Everyone gets that. But there are times when you can’t and shouldn’t “plan and create a binder full of lists and plans.” In other words and to quote the 1990’s “chill out dude.”

One way to look at it is, “going with the flow” and “trusting your intuition” go well together in the same sentence. Sometimes, you just have to let life happen and come as it may.

Go with the flow.

Make a splash!

We all want our life to have had meaning and an impact at the end of it all. A meaningful life is a basic human condition or need that we all have.

If you’ve ever been around water, you know that when something hits the water, it makes a splash. Some splashes are big; others are not so big. Regardless, a splash is a splash – no matter what.

In the middle of a battle, it is hard to know if you’re winning the war.

Life is like that in many respects. Often it is hard to tell if you’re making a splash that counts for something. At times, only you can tell if you’re making a splash or how big your splash might be.

Make a splash in your family; help out/volunteer and make a splash in your community.

Don’t let your life simply be a ripple on the water. Make it count – and make it count large.

Make a splash.

Stay active

Waterfalls are active and vibrant as they roar and tumble over a rocky ledge someplace in the great outdoors. They have this movement and life to them that captivates most of us to stand and observe them with awe.

A waterfall that didn’t flow or wasn’t active would be pretty boring. Really, it wouldn’t be much of a waterfall if that was the case.

There is more than enough research out there on the benefits of staying active. We tend to think physically, but there are just as many emotional and mental benefits of staying active as well. Whether we like it or not, we’re physical, emotional and mental creatures. A such, we need to stay active and exercise each one of those parts to the best of our ability.

Stay active.

Create your own music

Waterfalls create a certain sound as the water crashes and hits the bottom. A waterfall does not sound like a bird chirping. Nor does it sound like a duck. A waterfall creates its own music in order to sound like a waterfall should.

Simply said, “march to your own drummer.”

Don’t be someone else. Marching to someone else’s music, simply makes you a copycat with the potential of you not even being able to keep time and march correctly.

You need to be who you were meant to be. So, go out and figure that out. Create your own music and march to your own drummer. Be you!

Create your own music.

Immerse yourself in nature

For the most part, waterfalls are found naturally where? In nature.

There has been much research done and written in regard to why it is so important to spend time in nature. I read recently, that even time spent in an urban park for a few hours sitting on a bench has tremendous overall benefits.

Much of the research shows and concludes, that spending two hours a week soaking up nature — be it woodland, park or beach — gives a positive boost to health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

As a society, we have never before spent so much of our time indoors. And never has there such a time or such a desperate need as the present to reverse that trend.

Immerse yourself in nature.

There you have it. Some real-life advice from a waterfall that you can take to the bank.

Go out today or this weekend and find yourself a waterfall. Once you get there, simply sit, listen, absorb and just be.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Watching Your Step Along Life’s Journey To Avoid Mistakes

They say that history repeats itself over and over again.

I suppose that’s true, although in all honesty I don’t really give it much thought until I’m into the middle of something and realize. “geez – why does heading down this particular path seem – oh so familiar?”

Wise scribes also say that we can learn from the mistake of others, instead of heading off and recreating those same mistakes all by ourselves. That at times appears to be a hard concept for many to get a handle on – including myself.

Nevertheless, as we scurry along through life, it does behoove us to at least have a semi-decent grasp on our surroundings. So, what if we don’t?

Well, if you flip life over into a hiking analogy, by not knowing or keeping an eye on your surroundings you may very well end up in a destination you never expected to be and most definitely do not want to be in.

When others in our lives say, “turn right instead of left” perhaps it would do us great benefit if nothing else to perk our ears up and heed what they are saying. Good chance is they went “left instead of right”and are trying to help us avoid the same mistake.

I don’t know. Why not take a read from a year ago.

— as always with love —

Much has been written over the years, including the odd piece by yours truly on forging one’s own path through life.


On the opposite side of the coin, there has been just as much written and published on the merits of following a path or direction in life that has been laid down by others trudging along before us. And again, I’ve scribbled the odd bit myself on this topic.

The above picture was taken along a boardwalk in the Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve located near Gravenhurst, ON.

The Torrance Barrens Conservation Area was designated as the world’s first permanent Dark Sky Reserve. It comprises about 4,700-acres of Crown land of mostly bedrock and wetlands, with trees and bushes that are stunted in height. Because of these unique features, it means that star-gazers have an unimpeded spectacular 360-degree view of the night sky, unhampered by light pollution.

In addition to all of that neat stuff, Torrance Barrens also doubles as an exceptional hiking and mountain biking area, with 3 well-marked trails for public use.

Through the extensive hiking trail system, there are a number of boardwalks that cross wet and/or sensitive bog areas. Unfortunately, during our last few times hiking there, the boardwalks have fallen into disrepair. As such, they require needed much maintenance and repair to make them safe and usable once again.

Even though the boardwalks were built by generous volunteers to guide and somewhat protect us and more so to protect the sensitive wetlands, not watching where you’re going and with one wrong misstep, a serious injury could easily be the result.

In many respects, life is much the same.

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 7.51.58 AM

Whether we’ve been trudging along forging our own path or we’ve chosen to follow a path that was blazed by others who have gone before us it doesn’t really matter.

Watching where we’re going can help us in identifying and avoiding pitfalls and potential hazards long before we could potentially fall headlong into them. Not watching or paying attention generally equates out to BIG MISTAKES.

Being aware of your surroundings or watching where you are going in life, at least gives us a fighting chance to avoid making the mistakes that others have made before us.

In the picture above, if Lynn wasn’t paying close attention to where she was putting her feet, she may have ended up like the person or persons before her who broke through the rotted boards. Not a nice way to finish a day hiking.


The whole concept of watching where you are going and learning from the mistakes of others or learning from history seems to come to mind here.

It’s useful to remember that if we don’t take this rather over-used concept, yet however simple and effective one where do we end up?

One doesn’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to see that learning from the mistakes of others or from mistakes generated through history can save us from setbacks, heartache and strife regardless of the situation we’re in. Whether it’s in our own business environments; the world of medical and scientific research or in our own personal lives and relationships it makes no big difference.

Of course mistakes and missteps are going to happen, mostly due to the fact we’re human and making mistakes and taking missteps is somehow part of our DNA and genetic makeup for some stupid reason.


In the end, we can choose to learn from the mistakes that others have made and from the missteps that have befallen those before us.

Or on the other hand, we can choose to charge ahead to recreate those mistakes and missteps and if we’re lucky we can make some brand-new exciting ones along the way, that people in the future(maybe even tomorrow) will talk about and create memes with.

History is there and recorded for a reason. We might as well take the opportunity to learn from it before we head off and do something we wish we hadn’t. Because if we don’t, history has a way of returning and biting us squarely in the ass.



—  get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself  —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Family Day 2021 Style

Well, today is a statutory holiday throughout most of Canada.

Here in Ontario, as well as a few other provinces its called “Family Day.” Other provinces have different names for it, but at it’s basic level it is a day off and for many it made for a nice long weekend.

In the past(pre-COVIDpast), Family Day would have been a day filled with outdoor winter activities galore throughout most of the country. Many of the events that would have had large gatherings of people are cancelled this year.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t detract from getting outdoors or even indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating and spend time with family.

For Lynn and I, I’m not sure what is in store for us. I did tell her in no uncertain terms yesterday, that she had better finish all her business related stuff and not spend half of today working.

Regardless, it’s a holiday to do whatever you want(for the most part). Not a work day. We have enough of those.

Moving along though, in our region starting tomorrow(February 16th), we move from Gray Zone(lockdown) to Red Zone(not sure what that entails). But, it does entail though movement in the right direction. Many businesses that were closed can now start to open up. Ski resorts and hair salons are two that come to mind. Oh, and restaurants for indoor seating with reduced capacities.

I don’t ski or snowboard now, but I do get a haircut every once and awhile. In the past 14 months, I’ve had my hair cut twice. Last time it was cut, was June 2020. Now, I can put it in a ponytail….which I have been doing.

Lynn says it looks hot.

As I told someone at work who mentioned, “they didn’t think I was a ponytail type of guy.” If Lynn says it’s hot …ponytail stays. When she says the look is not so hot anymore…..goodbye ponytail.

Not difficult to figure out.

Happy Family Day….or whatever they happen to call in your neck of the woods. Assuming that today is a holiday in your area.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

Thoughts From The Wilderness – Riding Out The Storm

A gross understatement might be to utter the phrase, “in life there are going to be storms that appear on the horizon from time to time.”

The stark reality for any of us is simply, challenges and difficulties are going to come into our lives whether we want them to or not.

Often these storms are minor in nature, while at other times they are full-blown hurricanes ripping through our very existence, leaving nothing be wide swath of mayhem, destruction and sorrow.

A few years back on a canoe trip in Algonquin Park, Lynn and I and our poor dog Katie rode out violent storms, both on the way in to the interior and on the way out.

Without going into an extensive analysis of what we did when the storms smashed down on us(Katie in the second storm, felt her only choice was to hide under the bow canoe seat), we did what we knew was the correct and safest approach in both instances – get off the water and seek shelter/safety.

One thing about those particular storms and often other weather related nastiness, is they don’t last forever. The storm on the way in lasted for maybe 30 minutes or so. The storm on our exit wasn’t even a storm for 15 minutes. Although, it was fierce enough to churn up a funnel cloud shortly thereafter.

Regardless, they didn’t last forever.

In life, often the struggles and storms we encounter don’t last forever as well. It may very well seem like forever, but in the wider scope of things and life they really aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong, of course there will be struggles and/or storms of tremendous magnitude that people will end up enduring for a sizable portion of their lives or perhaps their entire life. It goes without saying, both you and I know that.

But, not really talking about that here.

In the middle of a storm, regardless of it is weather related or a storm/disturbance in our life, we for the most part have no idea or concept of how long it may last. It could it be a day, week, month or God forbid longer.

Who knows for sure? But, in most instances the storms pass.

They pass and we simply ride them out.

Okay, I get that it is a bit of an understatement saying, “they pass and we simply ride them out.”

The phrase “riding them out” often involves looking at ways and things we can do to lessen the effect of the challenge or to eliminate the issue altogether or some combination of both to deal with it. But, the point is we do them or at least we try to do them and make through to the other side of the issue.

The key is getting through to the other side.

Getting through it to the other side.

You may be reading this right now and are thinking, “this is all easy to say, but in the real world this overgeneralization and simplistic post ain’t cutting it.”

And you know what? You’re absolutely correct. This post isn’t meant to be some sort of “end all – to be all.”

Many find themselves in the midst of something and often end up doing what is perhaps the worst thing to do.. And that is the act and it is the choice of doing nothing. They flip on their backs like a turtle; wave their arms and legs in the air or huddle in some sort of fetal position and allow the storm to wreak more havoc and destruction within their lives then was necessary.

Do something.

Get off the water; seek shelter; pull some tarps out to provide a bit of protection against the storm and simply “ride it out” – wait for the storm to pass. Getting off the water; seeking shelter and sliding under some tarps for those who haven’t figured it out yet, are all elements of “doing something.”

The first picture at the beginning of the post, Lynn shot in the early evening. On that first day, we dealt with that bad storm first, then followed by rain shortly after. But, you know what? The storms passed. Both of them ran out of rain and wind leaving us with the rest of the day which turned out to be very warm and relaxing.

The setting sun; a few clouds in the sky for texture and reflections on the water to die for. Had to get through to the other side.

We needed to ride out the storm.

Maybe you need to as well.

— as always; with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —