About Us

Living life with adventure, passion and inspiration!


At its basic level, life is a journey; a trail composed of many steps – most are good to great; while others are difficult and trying; all of those taking us to places we never thought we’d end up in.

Hiking, canoe tripping as well as other outdoor adventure activities, can be seen as a metaphor for living. Both are journey’s filled with scores of good and not so good steps. Highs and lows; successes and failures.

Over the years, we’ve come to realize that spending time in the outdoors pursuing whatever type of outdoor activity you choose opens up a wonderful and life changing array of lessons on living and ourselves if: ……….we are willing to stop, observe and listen.

“justabitfurther” came into being to record our hiking, canoe tripping and outdoor adventures as a window into living. We work at it by trying to discover and explore the beauty and wilderness that is found in Ontario and beyond through these outdoor endeavours and using Lynn’s photography expertise to help capture these moments.

As much as our goal is to provide trip reports and photo-essays of our adventures, more importantly our desire is to inspire others regardless of your circumstances in life, to get outside and live.

We’re all at different stages along our path of life; sometimes the hardest part is simply taking that first step to get outside; taking that first step to climb over whatever personal stumbling blocks are in your path.

So……..be encouraged to take that first step.

We’re a couple of +50-year-old hikers; canoe trippers; adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy craft beer(Glen); peach schnapps(Lynn).

We are now “empty nesters”, assuming our daughter gains employment when college is finished.  In fact, we’ve taken our enjoyment found in hiking, canoeing and outdoor pursuits, with Lynn’s passion of photography and combined them into one of let’s get outside and take 500 pics”.

Well, regardless of what you might call it, this is our expedition. Take a read of our first blog from June 2016. It helps to define or explain the genesis of what we’re about.

The Why of “justabitfurther”

As time moves along, we hope you find our writing informative, funny, maybe even



You’ll find a ton of information, links to other sites, and articles we’ve found useful, plus whatever else we think might help you to get out and go “justabitfurther.”

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Glen and Lynn