About Us

I’m a married man, along with my wife, we’re trying to discover and explore the beauty and wilderness that is found in Ontario, through hiking and photography.

We are now “empty nesters”, assuming our daughter gains employment when college is finished.  We have rekindled our love of being on the trails. In fact, we’ve taken our enjoyment found in hiking, with Lynn’s passion of photography and combined them into one – “photohiking”; “pic walk”; or how about “let’s hike and take 500 pics”.

Well, regardless of what you might call it, this is our expedition. Take a read of our first blog from June 2016. It helps to define or explain the genesis of what we’re about.

As time moves along, we hope you find our writing informative, funny, maybe even


inspirational.  You’ll find a ton of information, links to other sites, and articles we’ve found useful, plus whatever else we think might help you to get out and go “just a bit further.”

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Glen and Lynn