Sketches and Watercolour Painting – The Blue Mountians

This was the first ink and wash watercolour painting I did, using the new professional-grade paper I got at Christmas.

It was based on a picture I had come across which I really enjoyed, in that it had a variety of tone elements or layers to it that suggested the hills/mountains were some distance off in the background with a hazy and almost smokey sky appearance.

When I had finished it(or so I thought), I was generally happy with how it turned out.

The foreground representing grass was good(although it could be a bit darker); the hill/mountain turned out fine in that it does suggest “distance”(the top of the hill could have sharper edges to it). And the cabin worked out okay as well.

But, it was a pretty bland picture looking I must admit.

As I pondered over it for a few days, I came back and added the trees in to create more depth and some visual points to the overall effect. Which I think was a good choice in the end.

And realistically, who wouldn’t want a cabin on a hilltop surrounded by mountain views?

–as always with love–

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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