Sketches and Watercolour Painting – Tilted Lighthouse

Often(and I mean all the time) on our travels throughout the province, Lynn and I come across what I refer to as the “Georgian Bay” pine tree.

Now, there isn’t a specific species called the “Georgian Bay Pine” however, most of them are white pine trees. The name “Georgian Bay pine” derives from the fact that a lot of the pine trees found all along the Georgian Bay shoreline enjoy a distinct look.

They all have a “pronounced slant” and they all appear to only have limbs for the most part growing on one side of the tree trunk. All of these features are a result of the constant west wind from Georgian Bay blowing solely in one direction against the trees for many, many years as they’re growing.

Nova Scotia inspiration….

I thought what would a lighthouse found in Nova Scotia look like if it exhibited similar characteristics as the “Georgian Bay Pine?” You know, found along a rocky shoreline and with a constant wind blowing on them. All the while recognizing that lighthouses tend to have exceedingly sturdy construction(stone, concrete, etc) in order to withstand the forces of “old Mother Nature” as she cruises the shoreline of the North Atlantic ocean.

The start of the painting with final washes of the sky and sea.

The finished product with the lighthouse and rocky shoreline added.

I’m quite pleased with the final outcome. The painting is loose and abstract enough to make the viewer think about what they’re looking at, while at the same time…’s just plain fun.

Thanks for taking a look.

–as always with love–

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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