Oops We Did It Again! – Making It Work

We are without a doubt into the holiday and Christmas season frenzy.

In many ways, it doesn’t really matter how you define “the holiday/Christmas Season” – nevertheless we’re full-tilt into it. Not sure if it could be seen as more of an individual start time – but………..the holiday and Christmas season, does start for all of us whenever it gets started.

Friday night in our rural Nova Scotia town, was the tree lighting ceremony at the town square/bandstand. It was pretty neat.

As well, the myriad of local Christmas craft sales in area Legions, community halls, and church basements kicks off yesterday(Saturday) with, of course, great anticipation and excitement. Excellent.

Does it make any real sense to ask the question – “is there an official day on the calendar marked with fireworks and a day away from work that ignites ‘the big’ season?” Not really – although that would be a nice touch.

Having said that, Thanksgiving in the United States is often regarded as the “official start” of the Christmas season down there.

Regardless, chances are, some people start earlier, some later and some never get started at all.

Up here in our neck of the woods, I do think it would be a fair estimation that the holiday and Christmas season gets at least a tiny push forward, say around the third week of November.

That was a whole lot of rambling nonsense(kinda) to get us to this point.

Which is?????

Regardless of when the “Christmas and holiday locomotive” gets fired up and heads off down the holiday rails, we all know that soon after if not at the same time this happens.

What happens?

The annual blizzard of adverts, social media messages, phone calls, text messages, chats on the street, and yes those ancient paper notices at the local coffee shop, all of which bombard us with a wide variety of Christmas and holiday-related events that require your attendance. And this does not include, and let me repeat DOES NOT INCLUDE the 3-hour drive one-way to “Shady Vista Retirement Residence” to visit dear old Aunt Mae.

So, what do we do and how do we fit it ALL IN AND MAKE IT ALL WORK?

First of all, you can’t fit it all in. Second, you still can’t fit it all in. Finally, you honestly can’t fit it all in.

I would suspect that for most of us, there are cherished holiday events and such that get entered onto the kitchen calendar “in ink” early each year and are in some ways almost non-negotiable in terms of attending.

Looking back, the holiday season of 2020 was in many respects the season of events being canceled or exceedingly modified if they occurred at all. Last year(2021) many of us were like thoroughbred racehorses at the starting gate. We’re all chomping at the bit ready to hit the track and race around to as many holiday and Christmas events as possible.

So, what about this year – 2022?

Well, if you’re like me – you haven’t really learned or been taught much by past history…….that’s right. Still trying to fit it all in.

We keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different results. Which is often suggested as the definition of insanity.

For yours truly, part of the mental and intellectual juggling I’m facing is “how many holiday things are too much?” I don’t have a good answer for that. And furthermore, is trying to fit these events in causing “far more anxiety and poop than necessary?” The short answer here – is yes.

So, what’s the answer to the big question here? How do we head about and make it work?

Okay, so here we go.

Step back; slow down and enjoy.

The simple answer to the whole deal doesn’t require a graduate degree to figure out.

So, let me ask you this?

Is it better to pencil in and schedule events to attend every Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and evening and then out again on Sunday with family and friends from mid-November to December 24th? All the while being stressed to the max and not enjoying even a minute of it? Or does it make way more sense to slow down; pick a few really special events that have meaning to you and your family; attend those and honestly enjoy yourself?

I would pick the second one.


Because for the last couple of weeks I’ve been diligently Googling “Christmas events in Nova Scotia”; as well as having notices for local Christmas events pop up on my social media streams and then…………scheduling as many events into my phone calendar as possible on weekends as part of a soul-crushing and failing emotional and mental exercise to capture some level of Christmas and holiday spirit.

The Christmas and holiday season from what I can figure out over my many decades is that it is meant to be enjoyed and savored. Something to share with friends and family. Creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Lynn and I can’t go to everything Christmas light display; outdoor Christmas market or whatever the holiday event of the second week of December throws at us.

That realization came to me as if it was some sort of divine revelation from the All-Mighty himself. The second revelation was this.

Simply schedule the two you what to head off to. And let the rest of it fall where it may. If it works out, it works out.

Better to enjoy a couple of events, than to head off and attend seven things and come to not enjoy any of them and be even more pissed at the world than you were before.

There are more than enough resources out there that anyone can read, watch or listen to on a podcast on how to work at de-stressing the holiday season to some personal level that is both manageable and enjoyable for each of us.

I don’t have any truly correct answer. Yes, this time of year can be very stressful for many and downright horrible for others as well. And for many getting to the root of the issue and thus an answer or coping strategy might be a complex endeavor at best.

All I can figure out at this point at 5:18am on November 26 is to slow down and try to enjoy it.

Keep things simple and keep them enjoyable.

But, do make the visit to Aunt Mae happen. Like really – you need to go see her……..REALLY!

That’s all I have.

–as always with love–

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

10 thoughts on “Oops We Did It Again! – Making It Work

  1. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. It’s always been fairly quiet with only a few “events” that we participate in – such as the Christmas gathering every year at my brother’s house. We don’t have a lot of family here but in days gone by we would try to visit as many siblings and their families as we could. another tradition was to drive around town to take in the Christmas lights on most every house. This year will be very different without hubby. But, I am hoping to keep up the cherished traditions in his honor.

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    1. The driving around to look at Christmas lights is something we’ve done also. It will be different this year, as I think we will have to return back to Ontario for it. My wife’s Mom has had a not good cancer diagnosis. She’s 80 and has had cancer on several other occasions. Thinking that this might her last one.

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      1. That’s true for sure. We have finalized our plans for Christmas. I’ll be back in Ontario from Dec. 22 to Dec. 28. Lynn and our daughter will go on Dec 16. Our daughter will fly back on Dec. 19, while Lynn will stay until at least when I go back……or maybe a bit longer.

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