For most of us in Nova Scotia, today will likely be spent doing necessary final prep work as we await the impact of Hurricane Fiona. Not much to say other than this isn’t anticipated to be a significant event, IT WILL BE A SIGNIFICANT EVENT.

The last major event of this magnitude was Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

Dorian was bad. Fiona is anticipated to be much worse.

Emergency Management Nova Scotia – call this “a historical weather event.” It’s suggested that folks have enough emergency supplies to last 72 hours should the power go out, which it likely will.

For folks along the Atlantic coast, it is also suggested that they be prepared to evacuate on short notice.

Lynn and I will cook a couple of things up to last a day or two. We also have a camping stove and a bbq we can use should there be prolonged power outages in our area of the province. We’ll also get a few “adult beverages” to ride out the worst of it Friday night. Having a bit of cash on hand usually isn’t a bad idea either should stores be open, but debit/credit machines will likely be down.

Our daughter lives in Halifax, where the impact will likely be more significant than where we live. We’ll talk with her later today and ensure they’re ready for the impact. This will be her fourth(?) hurricane event, so it’s petty much “old hat” for her.

So, there you go.

Time will tell.

–as always with love–

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

9 thoughts on “Fiona

  1. Sounds like you are prepared to hunker down and weather this major event. Best of luck my friends. Having some “Adult beverages” is a great idea! Hopefully any damage will be minimal. Be safe! xo

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    1. Thanks Jen. We rode through it fairly well I guess. The wind and rain was like having a freight train roar by your front window for a continuous 8 hours. Our power was off for about 48 hours.
      But, all in all we where okay.

      Other areas of the province, as well as PEI and Newfoundland where devastated.

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      1. I can’t imagine what that feels like. I grumble about traffic whizzing by in the tunnel I call Avenue Rd, (They keep building taller high rise condos,)=tunnel effect
        I’ve been following the News. All I can say is hopefully most people will find a way through the damage. ((((HUGS)))) xo

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      2. Yes. Just north of St Clair Ave W. CIBC on the south west corner is 15? Two new ones across from me and one north of me, High rise condos, I live in a 50 yr old + rent controlled building. (11 stories) Hmm

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