The Fog Of Yesterday

I spent most of yesterday in a bit of a fog.

So the use of the word “bit” is a slight understatement here. The phrase “spent the day in a huge fu@king fog” perhaps better describes how the day inched along.

The problem is, and for me, it’s a big issue(at least in my own mind), those days make me feel that something is wrong with me.

And I don’t know and never have been able to get a strong handle on why I can wake up in the morning and before anything happens or gets going……I know that the next 14 or 15 hours will be this foggy existence of wandering lost. Where the day ends by simply hitting the sack at 9pm as one(and perhaps) the only solution to ending the fog and listlessness which we endured the previous 14 hours.

A week ago or so, I wrote about “Something’s Off – I Think” – which in a way encapsulates this feeling of being lost. Of this sense of wandering around in a fog that saps almost the will or desire to do anything.

From the day before being secure; confident; on top of the world and then rolling out of bed – being reduced or knock down at the knees feeling like a sorry soul that has no confidence at all.

That’s what yesterday was like.

I get that we had a massive directional change in our lives over the past several months. The transition(if we want to use that word) has been nothing but positive. Uprooting ourselves from Ontario to Nova Scotia was the right thing in the long run and the short run to do.

But, fog is still fog regardless of the circumstances we’re in.

So, to add yet another cliche into the mix “today is a new day.”

The sun came up over the horizon in the east – which if nothing else heralds things are as they should be.

At 6:50am, the fog isn’t as foggy as surrounded us yesterday.

I’m taking that as a win.

A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

–as always with love–

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

12 thoughts on “The Fog Of Yesterday

      1. When I moved into this new apartment in a new complex under construction everything changed for the better really. It just took me a while to get into my routine of where everything is and how I can negotiate a whole different kind of bathroom etc. being in a wheelchair there are certain ways to do things that are different if you can stand up to do them of course. But I’ve been here eight months now and I am extremely happy that I decided to move here and I hope the same happens to you.

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      2. That’s excellent to hear.

        Change can often be a challenge, but as well change can also be for the better – which this is.

        It just takes time to move from a routine of working and life scheduled around that to not working and not much of a schedule at all. But, glad to hear things worked out and that you’re happy in your new place.

        So, things will work out here with us I’m sure.

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