New Family Addition

This post isn’t a “I’m back blogging and now look at me go” type, it’s more of “lets dip our toes in the water” and see how it goes type of post.

I’m sure as with many people, COVID over the last 18 months or so quickly put a screeching stop on travel plans, perhaps other than to your local grocery store or somewhere close by. That certainly was true for us and other Canadians across the country. Due to travel restrictions throughout Canada and especially the eastern four provinces, we hadn’t been able to see our daughter other than phone and “FB live calls” since the summer of 2019.

Things have certainly opened in Canada over the last nine to ten months with the introduction of vaccinations to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Getting to the point, Lynn and I just got back a couple of days ago from hugging, kissing and visiting with our daughter and her partner Andrew out in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Without going into a exhaustive post of everything we did, including the width of the emotional spectrum we experienced, let me just say it was wonderful, magnificent, soul quenching and just plain fun.

However, about a week before we left, our daughter informed us that there was going to be a slight change to plans once we arrived. How so we asked?

Well, we are now “grandparents” to a seven week old female Siberian Husky, named Roo.

So, that’s it.

I may blog up more of our trip east, but for now I don’t want to push it. Although, pounding the keyboard for these 300 words felt good, I had to force myself to do it.

Nevertheless, we shall see how things go.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

14 thoughts on “New Family Addition

    1. Thanks Carol. It was a special trip for sure. Still in a bit of a daze trying to process the emotions and stuff. And Roo is adorable. But, at this stage it is like having a new born. Bathroom every two to three hours and small feedings throughout the day. Good training for them. lol

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      1. Absolutely good training. LOL

        I hope you are doing well. This pandemic has been an emotional roller coaster in itself, but it’s nice to read your happy news. Such a wonderful thing to be able to visit again. Hopefully this fourth wave will be short-lived.

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      2. It was wonderful to see her again. Hoping the the 4th wave washes itself out so. Things here in Ontario from what I read case wise are getting better each. day. I think yesterday was the lowest case count since mid-August. The problem here is many case 30% +/- are in school aged kids 11 and under. So we’ll see. Hope things are good with you as well.

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      3. We are holding our breath as the delta variant has caused a huge jump in cases (aided by our premier’s “open for summer” gambit). We are also seeing more cases of covid in children as well. I will be so glad when we finally see a light at the end of the very long tunnel. Our health care system is taking a beating and our health care workers are exhausted. Praying for relief for them soon.

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