Thoughts From The Wilderness – Bloom Where You Are Planted..Is That True?

Last week, I wrote a piece called “Flower In The Lily Pads.” You should go a take a read of it first, because it helps to set the stage for this post. And it would also make me feel good that you did. Two excellent reasons to read it.

The “Lily Pad” post was in a way, a somewhat simplistic look at blooming where you’re supposed to bloom. I gave a couple of examples along the lines of, if you’re called to write, then write like there is no tomorrow.

Although, the illustrations in the post from last week may not the best analogies, I think “blooming where you are supposed to bloom”, is entirely different than “bloom where you’re planted.”

Source: Google Images

Let’s start right off the hopper here, this isn’t a post to poop all over the phrase, “bloom where you are planted.”

But realistically, more often than not, we hear “just bloom where you are planted” as compared to “bloom where you are supposed to bloom.”

Nevertheless, I could go on at length, on the spiritual and biblical significance of the phrase.

Simply search “bloom where you are planted” under Google Images and you’ll get back more quotes, pictures and images to fill a lifetime.

A very simple and overview of the phrase from a biblical perspective suggests the following:

Bloom Where You Are Planted can mean various things depending on its usage

– to be fruitful, blossom, and to become all you were created to be

– make the best of what you have when life throws you lemons

– do what’s right, even when its hard

All of those three points have scripture to back them up.

Okay, I get that you’re likely thinking at the moment, “where is he going with the post or perhaps what is the point of this?”

And for very early on a Sunday morning, that’s a fair enough question.

My point is and it is more of a question to throw out there and it is entirely my own opinion of thought.

Does “bloom where you are planted” set a person up to settle for something less than they are meant to be?

To be honest, I don’t have a clear answer to that. Although, I do have in the pit of my stomach a nagging sense that it does.

Okay, is that is so what is the alternative?

Having given it far less thought than it deserves, because in reality I do think this is a fundamental question surrounding the human condition. So, my perspective leads me to think this:

Are we not supposed to “bloom where you are supposed to bloom?”

“Blooming where you are supposed to bloom” screams of life and living. That there is a true meaning and reason of what we are supposed to be; what is purpose for my life given the short time I may occupy space on this tiny blue planet. “Bloom where you are supposed to bloom” yells out or should yell out, “life isn’t meant to be lived shuffling along, always wishing or thinking – what if?”

It means, find out where you are supposed to bloom; get there and bloom the fu@k out of it.

On the other hand, “Bloom where you are planted” to me suggests, “just make the best of the situation;” “there’s not much if anything you can be about”; “be happy where you are.”And that in many ways from where I am, all of those statements or thoughts, reek of a defeatist smell.

So, there you go.

A question for a Sunday morning.

  • Bloom where you are planted; or
  • Bloom where you are supposed to bloom

Ideas? Thoughts?

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

9 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Bloom Where You Are Planted..Is That True?

  1. I like “bloom where you are planted” because it reminds me of my mom and her incredible ability to adapt to new situations. She still fought to find herself in each one though, so I wouldn’t describe her as complacent. I’m more like that than not, though I suppose I might have found more material and possibly romantic success if I’d been more tenacious in searching for the right thing for me. I feel content however, if not thrillingly fulfilled…

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    1. That’s excellent Paula. And the ability of you mom to adapt to new situations. Often dealing with that or change can be tough for anyone.

      I wrote the post more to spur conversation or to get people thinking. Are the phrases and the outcomes different(which they may be) or are the phrases and outcomes – the same??

      Maybe the “right thing” at times is an elusive pursuit. What is right this decade, may be not so right tomorrow. I don’t know?

      Ultimately, if we’re content, happy and our life is fulfilling, if not thrillingly fulfilled – then perhaps we are blooming where we are planted.

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  2. “No matter where you go you take yourself with you,” I once heard. There are many reasons beyond a person’s control where “blooming” is a huge challenge – homelessness, addiction, poverty are a few examples. This post certainly gives food for thought. “Blooming” requires light and love and the care of a good gardener. Hmmmm I’ll likely be thinking on this for a while.

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    1. I glad that it has given you “food for thought” Carol. That was the purpose for the post in the first place. In reality “blooming where you are planted” and “blooming where you are supposed to bloom” may be the same thing.

      And rightly so, there are so many variables associated with either one. The phrases may be entirely different in the end. But, it does make one think.

      Part of it is, at least in my mind, those who end up regretting not taking that chance to follow their dream or what they feel truly is their destiny.

      Something to certainly ponder over.

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  3. I don’t think it is a hard and fast rule, but learning to bloom where you are planted is a wonderful asset. It can help you wherever you do go. It means that you can learn about your surroundings and adapt to them and thrive, even if it was not your choice to be there to begin with.
    But if we do find ourselves in a very tough situation that does not look as if it will improve, and we have the choice to go elsewhere, there is nothing wrong with taking that choice. Hopefully we will have developed the attitudes, qualities and adaptability to learn to thrive in our new situation.
    We can be happy, we can make decisions and be happy making them work for us.

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    1. Great response. I made the post more to create discussion and to get readers thinking or at least to get myself thinking.

      Ultimately, “blooming where you’re planted” or “blooming where you are supposed to bloom” may be exactly the same thing.

      I think often we associate these phrases with a physicality to them. In reality like you suggest, we need to be the very best person we can be, regardless of where we are or the situation.

      Thanks so much for commenting. Blessings!


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