Short and Sweet – Algonquin Park Bound

Lynn says and often with prompting from yours truly, that I have many fine and noteworthy traits.

One quality or aspect of my personality which really isn’t so fine, is I often have difficulty making decisions. Deciding what to have for dinner and although it is not necessarily a life altering decision, it can and often leaves me in a somewhat perplexed state. And hungry.

On occasion, the inability to make a decision falls out of my own mental wellness situation during those times. In other instances – who knows.

I can take far too much time, weighting all the pro’s and con’s regarding something I need to decide about, that I never get around to making the freaking decision. In these circumstances, I can often talk myself out of what I may have wanted to do in the first place.

So, why Algonquin Park?

In its infinite wisdom, Ontario Parks hence the government of Ontario(aka “The Doug Ford Dictatorship”) has made it free day use at all Ontario Parks(Monday through Thursday) from May 1 to the beginning of September.

So, if you decide to go to Algonquin Park “with the fam” for the day on let’s say a Sunday, a single one day pass is going to set you back $21 per car. Not much in the big scheme of things, but $21 is still $21.

Seeing as I don’t what to spend $21 on a Sunday, Lynn and I are going tomorrow(Monday when its free) and spend our $21 on something else.

What does this have to do with decision making or lack thereof?

Oh, and here’s a few Algonquin pics…

It took me a long time and much angst to to make that simple freaking decision.

My process to get to this point included these, plus a host of other considerations that are so trivial, I weep thinking about them:

  • what about the weather?
  • what about the bugs?(this is a legitimate concern for June in Algonquin)
  • when will we leave in the morning?
  • you have to work on Tuesday – so don’t be late getting home(not a concern for Lynn)
  • what to bring to eat?(food you dumb ass or buy something or do both)
  • what will we do?
  • I think that’s enough for now

I get that the post seems and has a slight funny/humorous tone to it.

But, my inability to make simple decisions isn’t funny.

Last night(Saturday), I couldn’t decide what get for take-out food for dinner. So, we didn’t have dinner. It felt me feeling exceedingly defeated, depressed and yes – hungry.

Now, I get that where we live, we don’t have a ton of decent restaurants. Other than major chain restaurants and fast-food places.

We got take-out a few weeks back from a locally owned pub/restaurant to help support them during our most recent lockdown – and it was the shittest burger and fries I’ve ever had. It was like they put no friggin’ effort in to making it.

I get that many restaurants struggled and are even now struggling to stay afloat during whatever pandemic restrictions they find themselves under. But, really if you want folks to patronize your establishment, even if it is was take-out during a global meltdown, a bit more effort wouldn’t hurt.

But, that can be another post for another day.

So, on a positive note – we’re Algonquin Park bound for the day tomorrow(Monday).

As much as it is an outing for hiking and exercise. I’m also giving seeing it as a “win” in the mental wellness column.

We’ll let you know how it went!!

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

6 thoughts on “Short and Sweet – Algonquin Park Bound

  1. I’m like that sometimes too, often about movies. I can’t decide what to watch, so I scroll endlessly through the choices until I give up and play games on my phone. Lately, I’ve been trying just to pick anything so I can review it on my blog, which is somewhat motivating…

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