Thoughts From The Wilderness – Poetry

The month of April, has been one that echoes the phrase, “what doesn’t kill ya, makes you stronger” in many respects.

There has been much that has transpired which has been negative or let’s just call it for what it is/was – bad. Like the COVID outbreak at my work.

But, on the other hand, there has been snippets of things that have brought much light into these rather dull and often bleak seeming days.

The first thing that comes to mind is, I received my income tax refund from the government. It showed up in my account, exactly when they said it would. Yea, government of Canada.

The second thing which occurred would most definitely be in the “positive column” is this:

I was pleasantly surprised, okay let’s called it shocked to open a couple of emails one morning to find out my poem The Cabin had been nominated for “Publication of the Month”, while I was nominated under the category of “Author of the Month.” Both of these are for April.

These past number of months, have been a challenge at best when it comes to putting “pen to paper” or “fingers to keys.”

I had a resolution early in the year, to make a great effort to move away from much of my writing(short/long form and poetry) that has had a “dark tone” or a more lighter and positive vibe to it.

I can emphatically declare that it really isn’t working out that way.

So, I guess that’s okay for now.

“The Cabin” as a poem, got birthed out of a “line and wash” watercolour painting I did of of a “old cabin” in the woods.

It had started out as “what memories” might be contained within the walls of an old derelict cabin. At least that was the intention.

It didn’t finished that way.

Again, I guess the poem and the writing process went the direction it was supposed to.

So, a big thanks to the folks at Spillwords Press for the opportunity and support over the past couple of years. It truly means a lot.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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