Wilderness Art – Rustic Log Cabin

I’m sure there are others of you out there, that find old structures such as farm buildings, older homes or unique older building features exceedingly appealing. If not, that sorts of makes me “stand out like a sore thumb.” Which isn’t such a bad thing – standing out that is. A sore thumb we can live without.

One thing that always catches my attention when I come across them is old log structures. The key here is old.

Today, if you felt like it you could head out and find scores of log structures(mostly homes and cottages) where the logs have been milled in a factory or smaller sawmill, resulting in a near perfect fit and hence an easy assembly process to give that perfect curb-style appeal and homestyle living magazine appearance.

Nope not talking about those. I’m jazzed about the ones hewed from the forest by a skilled craftsperson using only the simplest of crude tools. Just simple one or two person hand saws to fell the trees and with the resulting logs ultimately rough shaped by the sweat needed to work an adze and axe.

The result is often rough and crude, but always a masterpiece. However, I’ve also seen log structure done with simple hand tools where the joints and finished product would be equivalent to logs prepared in a factory.

The picture above is sort of an imagined composite from those old log structures we’ve stumbled across in our travels and adventures over the years.

The log walls cut and finished by hand; the window frames and sill all cut and formed by hand. The roofing “cedar shakes” all cut and split with equal precision by hand. And perhaps standing there for a hundred years or more, things may have shrunk slightly; a corner or two maybe has settled in the ground and cracks/gaps have opened up and that hundred years of the weather and blazing sun has turned everything a sort of grey colour.

But…..the building is still standing.

I came up with it and first sketched it as a pencil drawing to get perspective on the structure and to place some detail. I re-drew it again and what you see above has been inked and ready for several washes of watercolour.

These old stuff building and stuff fascinates me. Perhaps it’s because I’m a little older; grey and with a variety of cracks and gaps. Or not.

I have completed most of the wash layers on the painting. I need to put in a wash for some shadows to add depth and a couple of darker bits again for depth and texture.

Maybe get that last bit done today.

Although it is supposed to be really sunny out and Lynn has some business stuff north of the “old homestead.” I did hear the words “road trip/adventure” slip from her mouth last night.

So, maybe the painting gets finished Friday. I take a picture when I get it done and post it here.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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