Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt Week 37 – Reblog FromCai(Art Mater)

On a very early Thursday morning, I’m happy to announce I think spring is in the air in our neck of the woods.

Why and how do I know this?

First, spring allergies have slowly started to kick in. Two, we are consistently getting temperatures during the day that are above 0 degrees C and finally I’m seeing maple trees being tapped with lines or buckets to collect maple sap to boil down into the ever so sweet maple syrup.

Moving to point in hand, our third post for Week 37, comes from Cai(Art Mater).

An interesting, short paragraph on urban redevelopment or urban gentrification.

Be sure to check out Daydream of the Wooden Houses.

Thanks Cai(Art Mater) for taking part in this week’s prompt. Hope to see you back again.

Our next “Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt” is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 9.


— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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