Thoughts From The Wilderness – Advice From A Waterfall

One of these days, I’ll find the inspiration to create a new post as compared to rehashing an “oldie but goodie” from the past.

To say it has been a strange; weird; difficult; and sad year doesn’t even come close to describing the last 365 days(+/- a few).

Some days when at the computer writing, the words flow as easy and smoothly as a brook tumbles peacefully over pebbles in a forest hollow. Other times, pulling teeth from your own head would be easier and less painful.

The key I think is to “keep keeping on.” In other words, just simply keep plugging away. So, maybe tomorrow(Friday) might be the day for something new.

As I’ve written before and as you’ll read in a second, I’m not a huge fan of these “Advice From A…..” quotes and graphics. The next question that pops into my mind is, “why have you done three or four pieces utilizing them?” That is a good question. I don’t know to be honest. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of them or that someone has already taken the time and effort to create the sub-headings. I thinking it may very well be the second point. Why recreate the wheel?

Nevertheless, there are some good points in “Advice From A Waterfall” to let smoulder away in the coals of your mind. It just occurred to me, that these “Advice From..” things all deal with aspects of nature. I wonder why nature?

From last year..

— as always with love —

Not long ago, I went on at some length about these “Advice From A ……” quotes and imagines.

Although many of them I have found or seen online aren’t necessarily tools I might run too, the essence of the messages contained in them, I think is useful as a helpful or wise reminder for a variety of instances and situations.

One key lesson we all need to learn and heed is that often we need to step back from living every once in a while and look at a much bigger picture of life. Life is more than the chaos and swirling dust-devils that often fill our 24/7 and 365 days a year existence.

Although more can be said on “the bigger picture of life look at things“, there is some excellent advice on living life through the lens of viewing a waterfall.

Advice from a Waterfall


Let your cares fall away

How often do we keep lugging the same issues and concerns around with us? Well, in fact, it’s most of the time.

The sad thing is, that many of our cares, issues and concerns are so minor in nature that in the big scheme of life, they don’t amount to more than a hill of beans.

Stop making insignificant stuff – significant. Such as waste of emotional and mental energy.

Unfortunately, we do tend to “major on the minor.”

Let your cares fall away.

Roar with excitement

Life is the world’s largest buffet table. Everything is available, just simply toddle on up to the bar and pick whatever floats your boat. Having the opportunity to eat at the world’s largest buffet, should fill all of us with excitement. All we need to do is simply fill our plates and eat.

In other words, life is meant to be enjoyed and most importantly, it is meant to be experienced.

Try something new today; expand your comfort zone a bit. All that life has to offer; all of the different experiences that are out there should cause you to roar with excitement.

No roar; no growth.

Roar with excitement.

Go with the flow

Stop planning everything life within an inch of its own “life.” Sometimes you just got to “go with the flow.”

Of course, some things in life do need significant planning and attention to detail. Everyone gets that. But there are times when you can’t and shouldn’t “plan and create a binder full of lists and plans.” In other words and to quote the 1990’s “chill out dude.”

One way to look at it is, “going with the flow” and “trusting your intuition” go well together in the same sentence. Sometimes, you just have to let life happen and come as it may.

Go with the flow.

Make a splash!

We all want our life to have had meaning and an impact at the end of it all. A meaningful life is a basic human condition or need that we all have.

If you’ve ever been around water, you know that when something hits the water, it makes a splash. Some splashes are big; others are not so big. Regardless, a splash is a splash – no matter what.

In the middle of a battle, it is hard to know if you’re winning the war.

Life is like that in many respects. Often it is hard to tell if you’re making a splash that counts for something. At times, only you can tell if you’re making a splash or how big your splash might be.

Make a splash in your family; help out/volunteer and make a splash in your community.

Don’t let your life simply be a ripple on the water. Make it count – and make it count large.

Make a splash.

Stay active

Waterfalls are active and vibrant as they roar and tumble over a rocky ledge someplace in the great outdoors. They have this movement and life to them that captivates most of us to stand and observe them with awe.

A waterfall that didn’t flow or wasn’t active would be pretty boring. Really, it wouldn’t be much of a waterfall if that was the case.

There is more than enough research out there on the benefits of staying active. We tend to think physically, but there are just as many emotional and mental benefits of staying active as well. Whether we like it or not, we’re physical, emotional and mental creatures. A such, we need to stay active and exercise each one of those parts to the best of our ability.

Stay active.

Create your own music

Waterfalls create a certain sound as the water crashes and hits the bottom. A waterfall does not sound like a bird chirping. Nor does it sound like a duck. A waterfall creates its own music in order to sound like a waterfall should.

Simply said, “march to your own drummer.”

Don’t be someone else. Marching to someone else’s music, simply makes you a copycat with the potential of you not even being able to keep time and march correctly.

You need to be who you were meant to be. So, go out and figure that out. Create your own music and march to your own drummer. Be you!

Create your own music.

Immerse yourself in nature

For the most part, waterfalls are found naturally where? In nature.

There has been much research done and written in regard to why it is so important to spend time in nature. I read recently, that even time spent in an urban park for a few hours sitting on a bench has tremendous overall benefits.

Much of the research shows and concludes, that spending two hours a week soaking up nature — be it woodland, park or beach — gives a positive boost to health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

As a society, we have never before spent so much of our time indoors. And never has there such a time or such a desperate need as the present to reverse that trend.

Immerse yourself in nature.

There you have it. Some real-life advice from a waterfall that you can take to the bank.

Go out today or this weekend and find yourself a waterfall. Once you get there, simply sit, listen, absorb and just be.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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