Sunny Afternoon – Business and Mental Health Roadtrip

Winter in Canada does have it challenges. What challenges you might ask?

Well, freezing cold temperatures; often more snow than one wants to deal with; and every once in a while a morning of freezing rain to make to commute to work, just a bit more adventurous. And these are just the ones that quickly come to mind.

But, every so often the weather fairies(I assume that there is at least one weather fairy), blesses us with a day of decent temperatures, lightning blue sky and brilliant sunshine.

Yesterday(Thursday) was one of those days.

Lynn had a short business meeting in a town east of us, so naturally I tagged along with it being a day off.

With her meeting only taking about 15 to 20 minutes, I sat blissfully in our car, basking in the warmth and sunshine as it enveloped each part of my existence.

Once all was done, we headed out taking a slight circuitous route to get back home.

A few pictures from the afternoon.

At one point, I mentioned to Lynn that simply getting a lawn chair out and parking it and myself in the sunshined forest and reading a book, was definitely a possibility.

I think we all might be(or at least I am) slightly Vitamin D deprived. In addition, we might be whole bunch of other things as well in terms of our mental wellness levels.

But, yesterday went a long way to helping soothe my soul and fill up, even if it was just a tiny bit, my own mental wellness cup.

An afternoon spent in sunshine, warm temperatures and with a stunning blue sky all located within the Muskoka region, was as good as it gets considering everything that is going on.

I trust and pray that you can take advantage of some “me time” as well.

You deserve it.

— as always with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

13 thoughts on “Sunny Afternoon – Business and Mental Health Roadtrip

  1. The photos are absolutely beautiful! We have been fortunate this winter to enjoy many more mild, sunny days than usual. February brought in the normal freezing temps, but as long as the sun is shining I’m fine. There is something about sunshine that makes us all feel better.

    Stay healthy and stay safe.

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      1. Thanks Glen, we are in the midst of a cold snap that will linger for a few days. This morning there is an ice fog as temps dipped to -37 (wind chill -58) the sun is trying to burn through it atm – hopefully by afternoon it will.

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