Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt Week 34 – Reblog FromCai(Art Mater)

Once again, it’s a cold Thursday morning here at the “old homestead.” Not as bone-chilling as last week, but cold enough you’re going to take clear notice when you open the back door. But, they’re forecasting sunshine and warmer temperatures throughout the day. So, overall – not bad.

Our third post for Week 34, comes from Cai(Art Mater).

An interesting three line view of striving to survive.

Be sure to check out We Strive To Achieve Our Dreams.

Thanks Cai(Art Mater) for taking part in this week’s prompt. Hope to see you back again.

Our next “Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt” is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 9.


— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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