Thoughts From The Wilderness – Mental Wellness – Let’s Chat

The graphic alone says enough – it is a cold morning outside. Perhaps not the coldest we’ve had this year, nor in the past, but a chilly one nonetheless.

It is also, Thursday, January 28, which means in Canada it is Bell Let’s Talk Day.

Mental health or our own mental wellness as I like to refer to it as, is something we all deal with.

Yes….ALL OF US deal with mental wellness issues to some extent or another.

The problem is that most of us don’t want like the idea of talking about; thinking about or dealing with our own concerns and issues, let alone the mental wellness issues and concerns that others have.

And all of this happens in what we might have called in the past “normal times” or certainly pre-COVID. Where we are in history right this very moment, makes it perhaps the best time to start our own mental wellness conversation.

Here’s a link to some Canada related COVID mental wellness resources.

So, this isn’t another post like I’ve done in the past years on dealing with anxiety or ways to cope mentally while navigating through the COVID_19 pandemic. Been there; done that; will likely post on these issues again.

With every use of #BellLetsTalk, Bell will donate 5 cents towards mental health initiatives in Canada. That’s basically how it goes today.

If you’re living in Canada and reading this….just participate today in Bell Let’s Talk if you can. Chances are you are on some other type of social media. Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram to name a few. Click here to get the details.

Seems pretty simple to me.

— as always; with love —

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

3 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Mental Wellness – Let’s Chat

  1. Brrrrr …. it’s so cold where you are. Here, we are still waiting for winter, so much rain tho. I support the Bell Let’s Talk Day as well as keeping the conversation going. Yes, I live with mental illness.

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    1. Yes, it has been colder for sure, but not as cold as it can get. We’ve can get down to minus 40 degrees C or a bit lower in our area. Any exposed skin can freeze quick.

      Bell Let’s Talk is a great day for sure. I do think mnetal health or mental wellness issues need more exposure, more talk and more money ti deal with the overwhelming burden on our health care services to deal with these issues. Never enough programs, therapists, counsellors etc.

      I hope that you are coping as best as you can. Even in “normal times” it can be a challenge. The COVID era has ramped all of this up exponentially.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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