Thoughts From The Wilderness – Advice From A Snowflake

I haven’t done one of these for quite some time, but had couple of thoughts. First, timely advice at any time.

And secondly, the 2020 holiday season will be like no we’ve ever had before – so timely advice.

So, let’s take a look at Advice From A Snowflake.

Keep your cool – often easy to say, but harder to do. But, when life happens to be swirling around you like a out of control tornado, work at keeping your cool. Poor decisions, actions and consequences often fall out of losing one’s cool.

Appreciate small wonders – the beauty in life is found in the little things – especially this year. When we appreciate the seemingly insignificant or small things we are never at a lost to appreciate anything. We need to stop the fruitless searching for the next “bigger and better.”

Let your plans crystallize – give yourself some leeway this year in getting holiday plans together. What might have been last year, might not be this year. But, that’s okay. What might and will happen this year has the potential to be a great event or time. Let plans come together.

Take time to chill – it is okay to sit back and do absolutely nothing. Look after yourself and your own mental, emotional and physical wellness. Hard to be there for others to any great extent, if you’re not there for yourself first.

Sparkle – you already do sparkle. Enough said one that one!

Celebrate our uniqueness – imagine if we were all the same. Same habits, same personalities, same everything….pretty boring right? Life is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. Like a real-life puzzle, each piece is integral to the overall outcome. One or two pieces missing in a thousand piece puzzle, will make the final result look awful and unfinished. Each piece is unique. The same goes in life. In the mosaic we call life, each piece is necessary. Each piece is unique. The world need your uniqueness. Celebrate it.

It’s OK to be a little flaky – every recipe needs a little spice to keep things interesting. Be who you are…even if it means being a little flaky. Flaky is good. Don’t be as those around you often want you to be or to conform to. Be yourself. The world needs you, not another knockoff clone.

Pretty decent advice if I do say so myself.

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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