Thoughts From The Wilderness – How Are We/You Holding Up?

Perhaps a strange question for so very early on a Sunday morning, three-quarters of the way through the month of November.

But, on the other hand, maybe this isn’t such a strange or weird question afterall.

How are we holding up?

At any time of the year and it doesn’t need to be the holiday season, scores of people are dealing and managing with their own mental and emotional wellness issues and concerns.

For many, the emotional and mental wellness issues they deal with on a daily basis can amplify and intensify during the holiday season.

There is plenty of well-documented research illustrating the myriad of stress related issues that the holiday season can heep upon all of us.

This year, add a global pandemic into the mix and all of these issues and concerns take off to new and uncharted territories.

Speaking for myself, the past weeks have been a series of good and somewhat less than good days. Not bad days, but on the other hand – not good days either.

I’m finding that the introduction of seemingly ordinary things or events ramp up my anxiety a notch or two. For example, today the weather forecasters are calling for a winter snow storm to start in the afternoon, into the evening and taper off by early Monday morning.

The thought of having to drive home from work at 3:30pm this afternoon in snow is not appealing to me to say the least.

Normally, this wouldn’t phase me, even slightly. In fact, not long ago I would have said,“bring it on – Mother Nature!”

But, now here I sit composing a blog post in order to deal with the anxiety I’m experiencing.

Experts might start by telling me to, “cut yourself some slack.” You’ve got enough happening in your own life, along with the swirling mess that generally has engulfed most of us across the face of the planet.

Easy to say…….but a challenge to implement.

So…how are we/you doing?

Any suggestions?? Other than staying at home and avoiding the anticipated snow storm?

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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