Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt Week 14 – A Reblog From Carol Hopkins

It appears that technology is still creating a bit of a headache for our first Week 14 response. And from what Carol can figure out, she seems to know what the issue might be.

Nevertheless, this apparently ongoing hiccup in the cyberworld, shouldn’t preclude a good entry to “Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt.

Carol Hopkins did send me this submission for our Week 14 Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt.

And as before, we’re sure glad she’s taking part.

Such a strong message in her poem.


Lost in translation, incommunicado, broken-down, done

A cry for help that never came

Receiver missing in action

Never to be seen again

Likewise, the message lost

Never given or received

Lost and forsaken


Thanks so much Carol. Your response to the weekly prompts add so much to the content and depth of picture. We all benefit from it.

Our Week 15 prompt will go live next Tuesday, September 22.

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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