Sharing Pearls Of Wisdom

One of the wonderful things found throughout the blogging world(at least from my experience), is the willingness of many bloggers to share “pearls of wisdom” or tips regarding “anything blog related” with just about anyone who asks.

Dr. Tanya in Blogging Insights #41 asks us to share some tips for new bloggers. I guess the tips could be used for bloggers at any stage.

Nevertheless, she does hope we will “share three blogging tips” for those just getting started on their blogging journey.

Many times during my blogging journey I have discovered some useful tip or technique and said to myself, ” If only I had known this when starting out!”

Let me first say, that when I started out back in the summer of 2016, I didn’t do any or next to nothing in terms of seeking advice or tips from established bloggers.

We slugged through it all on our own.

My Three Blogging Tips

Tip 1

This will be a popular one for sure, but have fun working and doing your blog.

I assume that at this stage at least, blogging will be a hobby for most of you. You may have wonderful aspirations of blogging being a new career and that’s great, but regardless of whether that is the goal or not, it should in my opinion always be something fun.

Cause if it isn’t – it becomes simply another chore to tick off each day on some neverending list of things that need to get checked off.

Have and make it fun.

Tip 2

Focus on your content

This one gets mentioned a fair bit. In fact, it gets mentioned all the thing.

Content is king.

People come to blogs(ie your blog) for information. How you define information is perhaps better discussed in another post. But, people won’t come back a second time, if the content is…..well simply not very good.

Books can be and have been written on why content is king.

If you do nothing else in terms of content – check grammar, punctuation and the somewhat “boring writing type things” in your posts.

Tip 3

Be yourself.

Don’t try to be or emulate the style or tone of another blogger. They’ve already done that.

In my opinion, your writing and overall blog will be exponentially superior, if you simply be yourself.

Let your writing reflect who you are. It can be a tough thing to do, given the fact we often don’t want others to see the real us. But, the real us is often what the world needs to see and read about.

You’ll be a better blogger, if you simply are who you are. Be yourself.

Once again a big shout out to Dr. Tanya for keeping the weeks going on the blogging insights series. so much great information.

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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