Hosting A Blogging Prompt

Many bloggers out there in the “blogging universe” take part in weekly and/or daily blogging prompts hosted and organized by other bloggers in the “blogging cosmos.”

What many don’t do(and I assume this to be true), is host their own prompt(s).

I would think there a bucket full of reasons why most don’t host or run their own prompts. The time involved in organizing it each week(or daily); deciding on a format; or even coming up with a prompt concept in the beginning are all valid reasons.

In addition, many bloggers may also feel and rightly so, that their own blog/niche isn’t suitable for blogging prompts.

Dr. Tanya, in the next installment of blogging insights takes a look a what value or rewards are there in hosting and running your own blogging prompts. in Blogging Insights #37 – Hosting A Blogging Prompt

She gives us a bit of a preamble:

We discussed writing prompts earlier in the Blogging Insights series too, you can click here to read that post. In response to that post, lots of bloggers shared how and why they respond to writing prompts. Today we look at the question from the other side of the table.  Many bloggers organise prompts on their blogs and today we invite them to share their experience.


What is the value of running writing prompts to your writing in general, and your blog in particular?

Three months ago, if anyone said to me, “you’ll be hosting a weekly blogging prompt on your own site” I would have thought them to be “just a bit off their rocker.”

But then, the universe does have a unique sense of humour.

The thoughts of actually hosting a blogging prompt had never entered my mind, until another blogger suggested that I should post pictures that Lynn has taken as a blogging prompt along the lines of “what do the pictures mean to you” sort of thing.

And thus “Lynns Tuesday Picture Prompt” was born. Here’s a link to the Week 6 prompt. I’ll give you extra marks if you can also name who the famous Canadian painter is.

Developing the prompt and hosting /running it wasn’t part of an elaborate plan to increase traffic, views and visitors to my own blog. Although, I understand if that is the motivation behind why others may host prompts.

My motivation was from the perspective of that art should “evoke emotion(s).” I was interested in what are raw and gut emotions or what does the picture speak and say to readers when they look at it.

As well, I felt it might a nice way or another avenue to introduce people to Lynn’s talent as a photographer.

To date, the responses to each weekly prompt has been fantastic. Every person who has participated has submitted poetry, but the wide expanse of feelings and emotions, along with what the particular photo is saying to them has been more than worth the effort.

More importantly, hosting the prompt has provided me the opportunity to meet some new writers and their work, which has been the best value and investment in the whole process.

For some weird reason, I haven’t to date taken part in any of “Lynns Tuesday Picture Prompts.” I’m not sure if it is even “proper etiquette” to submit a post to a prompt you’re hosting. This assumes that is even is a “proper etiquette” to follow in terms of hosting a prompt.

Looking back in retrospect to my own blogging life, it is without a doubt been a “blogging journey.”

Perhaps one could think of blogging, as a life unto its own. As we grow, change and mature, thus our blogs can and I think should also grow, change and mature.

At least that’s how I view my own journey.

What this blog started out as four years ago, is now but one facet of a number of things within the whole “justabitfurther” life cycle. Adding a weekly prompt is just another chapter being written as part of the whole story.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but a continued big shoutout and thanks to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her neverending work on this “Blogging Insights Series” and specifically looking at “Hosting Blogging Prompts.”

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

13 thoughts on “Hosting A Blogging Prompt

  1. As always, a big thank you for the appreciation.
    There is no hosting etiquette for prompts. People do whatever suits them. Sadje posts her own contribution to her Whatdoyousee prompt at the beginning of her round up post, the week after the prompt.
    I, on the other hand, usually answer my Blogging Insights questions when I post the prompt.

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  2. thanks for the anonymous mention Glen 🙂

    I usually respond to my own prompts … and as it’s really Lynn’s photography I think you should!

    Personally I get a bit lost in the ’emotional’ response to photos. Having trained to be more objective unless something really triggers a memory or is astoundingly spectacular it doesn’t trigger an emotional response. I observe, note and move on … sorry 🙂

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