Blogging Insights – Devices

The latest installment in Dr. Tanya “Blogging Insights Series” examines the ways or device(s) we use to go from initial concept to that often breath-holding finished post. Blogging Insights #36 – Devices takes a gander at the technology and gadgets we employ to bring a post into reality.

There are(at least I think there are) a wide variety of devices the a person could use to go from the initial thought of “what shall I write about today” to the final act of “hitting publish.”

It could be a “old school – desktop” PC; there are mini-computers; maybe a laptop or tablet; what about a netbook or notebook; and finally a smartphone.

Given my limited technology related wisdom, my guess is there are some devices I haven’t even mentioned. Sorry if you’re one of them.

Dr. Tanya poses one question for us to take a look at:


What device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphonedo you find most useful for blogging and why?

This will be maybe the simplest “Blogging Insights” post to answer.

We use a laptop – a MacBook Air. It has a 13 inch screen and all of does the job of blogging and picture editing(Lynn’s expertise).

I like the MacBook from two perspectives:

Firstly, the keyboard. It’s well – a keyboard. Yes, it is slightly smaller in size than the dinosaur PC that is collecting dust in our loft.

We went to a Mac based on the advice of our daughter.

Secondly, the screen size. A 13 inch screen can seem small as compared to a monitor one might use with a PC, but I guarantee it is bigger than the screen on your smartphone. That is unless you have a gigantic smartphone. Which might very well be possible.

I tend to write early in the morning while at home. So, although the Mac is portable, we don’t take it with us anywhere unless we might be going on holidays. I often carry carry a notebook(one with paper) to jot down an idea for a post should it pop into my head. I have also started using a “Notes” app on my phone to save ideas or concepts for post as well.

I’ve never used my Smartphone to write a post from start to finish. I find typing on my phone far to too cumbersome a process.

Nevertheless, I do have the WordPress app on my phone. I have on occasion responded to comments while using my phone or perhaps a small edit on a post that I might be currently working on.

Ultimately at the end of it all, it doesn’t really matter what device you use to create your content. Whether it be a PC, laptop, notebook, smartphone or the exceedingly old school “stone and chisel approach”, what matters is getting your content out into the blogosphere for others to digest.

I’m sure some ways are better or more convenient than others and obviously most bloggers will have their preferred choice of device they use to go from “concept” to “hitting publish.”

As always, a big shoutout and thanks to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her neverending work on this “Blogging Insights Series” and specifically looking at the electronic devices we use to do the “whole blogging” thing.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Devices

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  2. KC

    I, too, use a MacBook Air; I love the keyboard keys (not cluncky) and the screen is plenty big enough. I use mine in the living room, kitchen, sewing room and the deck and I also take mine with me to work because it’s faster and I can read whatever I want w/o being ‘spied upon’. I also use my iPhone WP app for the same reason – it’s more portable and I can write short comments but I never ‘blog’ from my phone. I also like the app on my phone because it’s the most convenient way to transfer a photo (taken with my ‘phone’) to WP.

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