What Do You See? – #36

A fellow blogger, Sadje(Keep It Alive) posts each Monday morning prompt/image called “What Do You See”

This is the prompt for June 29, 2020 What Do You See – #36


They say “our eyes are a window to the world.” A lense to see and capture images of reality or what we think is reality.

The challenge and often the difficult one is this.

What our eyes see and what we ultimately perceive is solely based on the filter that we’ve placed in or covered our mind with.

How do we view the world?

A filter of….

  • darkness – breeds hate
  • prejudice – breeds hate
  • discrimination – breeds hate
  • racism – breeds hate
  • bigotry – breeds hate
  • hate – breeds hate

A filter of…..

  • acceptance – breeds love
  • oneness – breeds love
  • equality – breeds love
  • tolerance – breeds love
  • respect – breeds love
  • love – breeds love

Choose the correct one.

— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

12 thoughts on “What Do You See? – #36

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