Blogging Genres

In the next installment of Blogging Insights #33, Dr. Tanya takes us down the road to look into the area of Blogging Genres. 

One blogging tip or bit of information that I see rear it’s head from time to time is the concept of genres and specifically “blogging genres.” It usually arrives in the form of this question, “what genre does your blog fit into.” All of which stems from the idea that your blog MUST fit into a specific blogging genre.

Or at least that’s what the so-called experts keep rattling on about.

Early this morning when writing this, I went off searching for a definition of the word “genre.”

And being in a searchy mood so early, I also took an unexpected detour to see if I could find a definition or some sort of explanation to “what a genre in blogging” is.

Came across of couple of items that both helped and didn’t help at all.

The word genre is most often used to classify media based on recurring patterns and components. However, within broad genres, such as “fiction” for example, you’ll find many sub-genres for which to account. This often makes categorizing specific genres difficult.

Secondly, when it came to trying to figure out a clear and concise definition of “what is a blogging genre”, surprisingly(or perhaps not so surprisingly) Mr. Google’s responses didn’t even contain the phrases “blogging genre” or “blog genre.”

It gave ….this (go figure)

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of blogs that exist:

  1. Fashion Blogs. Fashion blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs on the internet. …
  2. Food Blogs. Food blogs are another popular blog type. ..
  3. Travel Blogs. …
  4. Music Blogs. …
  5. Lifestyle Blogs. …
  6. Fitness Blogs. …
  7. DIY Blogs. …
  8. Sports Blogs

      Notwithstanding any of that, Dr. Tanya gives us three questions to ponder and to tippy-type some responses for.


      1. What is your passion with regards writing genres ?

      2. What is your chosen genre ?

      3. What is the genre you might like to write about but lack confidence to start ?

      Here we go…..

      What is your passion with regard to writing genres.

      I don’t have any on-fire passion with regards to specific writing genres.

      I prefer non-fiction to fiction. When it comes to the non-fiction genre, I enjoy biographies and historical stuff, especially if it deals with Canadian history or interesting characters found in Canada.

      For example, I’ve read over the past year or so, a couple of books on the life of Tom Thomson, the famous Canadian painter who drowned under mysterious circumstances in Algonquin Park back in 1917.

      In addition, I recently read the second book of a two-part biography on Canada’s first Prime Minister – Sir John A. MacDonald.

      What is your chosen genre?

      Not sure.

      If you were to go through my blog, it would seem that I’m all over the place.

      It started on day one as an outdoor adventure blog. We’re still that, but we’ve jumped into poetry; mental health and wellness articles; motivation and inspirational posts; humour and lighthearted bits; doing a weekly writing prompt(that has just started) and just about everything in between.

      What is the genre you might like to write about but lack confidence to start ?

      Good question.

      I ventured into poetry in 2019, which was a gigantic step for myself.

      Before hitting publish on that first poem, my confidence level was fine in terms of creating it. Most of it I had developed in my mind while at work one day. The poem came together rather quickly and generally felt pretty easy to write.

      However, looking back, I lacked confidence in the final work and was obsessively worried about what would people’s reaction be, after hitting the “publish button.”

      It all worked out though.

      I’m not really sure there is a specific genre at this moment I might like to try and tackle. There are topics that I would love to get into, learn and write about though.

      I am pondering doing a number of posts on “what draws people to nature; forests; and the outdoors”, but not from what we might consider the usual or anticipated answers.

      So, stay tuned I guess.

      As always, a big shoutout and thanks to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her neverending work on this “Blogging Insights Series” and specifically looking at blogging genres and our own place in them.

      — get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself —

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