Thoughts From The Wilderness – Three Ways to Create Calm In the Midst of Chaos

Much of our daily routine and lives have taken on a “new normal” level of existence. This “new normal” has in some ways has a certain level of comfort in it, in that at least we know what we need to do.

Of course, there is still anxiety, fear and a whole host of other emotions swirling and churning around in us at this time. But the chaos and pandemonium that ruled at the forefront at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, now has settled down, dissipated to some degree and evolved into our “new normal.”

It goes with speaking that the unknown can weigh heavily on us in that the unknown is scary. Certainly with respect to the COVID_19 pandemic, the unknown elements of the virus and what it would ultimately mean for society definitely was the catalyst that sparked much chaos and panic within our communities.

It seems like light years ago, but how many remember newspaper articles and nightly news clips of panic buying and hoarding of toilet paper. It took a bit, but grocery stores got it figured out(for the most part I think) and now other than the social distancing requirements, going to buy groceries is much from my perspective, not much different than a year ago.

Nevertheless, chaos did reign supreme back only a few short months ago.

I wrote this post back in May of 2019 dealing with three tips to help to create calm in the midst of chaos.

Just remember, the CVOID_19 crisis will pass. What the future holds after may be up for discussion and speculation. What the “new normal” for our lives will look like after, will be what it will be.

And know what?

We’ll all be okay.

From May 2019


Five letters when put together can strike fear and desperation in most of humanity.

The beauty and political correctness of chaos are; it doesn’t discriminate at all.

It doesn’t particularly care about your socioeconomic status. Chaos couldn’t care less about your nationality, ethnicity, religious beliefs or much of anything.

chaosIt seems when at the most inopportune times, chaos can burst through the front door. Thus leaving a trail of destruction, frustration and ultimately trips to your local liquor store to mellow out its reign of terror.

Much like Sauron from “The Lord of The Rings,” chaos can unveil its existence on the planet through many forms.

Now, I’m going to make the huge assumption that for most of us, we would prefer some level of calm as compared to just about any level of chaos. Unfortunately, for all of us, as long as you’re drawing breath on this side of the grass, chaos is going to sneak into your midst and upset the apple cart to some degree.

apple cart

As such the big question before us is simply this.

What can we do to remain calm, or as calm as one can, when chaos appears to be reigning supreme within our existence?


Other than consuming copious amounts of wine and locking yourself in the bathroom.

One thing to remember is to recognize that chaos operates on a bizarre type of “sliding scale” for individuals.

In and of itself, chaos functions using a scale of 1 to 10. Where 1 is the least chaotic and 10 is……well we don’t want to go there.

However, when it comes to operating in our lives, chaos ticks along like this. A 1 on the chaos scale for me could be a 6 on the scale for you. While a 10 on the “old scale” for the person down the street, might a simple 2 for someone else.

3 Tips To Create Calm In The Midst Of Chaos

  • Breathe – often if we can just take a step back and breathe deeply for a few moments, we can work on calming ourselves and thus creating the chance to get a better handle on the chaos that may be swirling around us.
  • Remember – most chaos is often only temporary and will soon pass. Relax, it may not feel like it, but in just a few minutes, the kids will be on the school bus and you and your spouse can lock the door and get on with your day.
  • Maintain Routine – in the midst of chaos, we tend to abandon our routines. It is routines that help facilitate calmness in our lives. Calmness and routine go hand in hand. However, in chaos mode, we tend to run around like a wild person putting out only fires. The sooner we can get back to our normal routines, even though chaos is still a tornado screaming towards us, the better we are at tackling and handling the situation.

There are other tips as well that can help create calm in the midst of chaos, but let’s try to keep it as simple as we can.

We know that chaos is going to rear its ugly head from time to time. It just does. Chaos is like that.

If we can put a few “coins in the calmness bank” beforehand, perhaps what was a 6 on the scale each morning, may now be reduced to a 4.

That would be a drop of thirty percent, which isn’t too bad at all.

How do you handle chaos when it creeps into your life?



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