Blogging During COVID_19 Pandemic

COVID_19 has changed life as we know it for the time being and maybe even for the foreseeable future.

insightsQuarantines, social-distancing, homeschooling, work reductions and job loss are all part of the “new normal.”

All of these new realities have flowed into every aspect of our lives, affecting both the physical spheres, but our mental and emotional realms as well.

For those of us who are part of the blogging universe, the effects of the COVID_19 pandemic has become part of our “new normal” as well. Although, having more time to write which would be seen as a good thing, can be offset to some degree with the rather tragic events in the world today fully enveloping every space within waking moments.

In  Blogging Insights #23 – Blogging During The PandemicDr. Tanya examines issues surrounding blogging during the COVID_19 pandemic.

She gives a bit of a preamble to start.

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we knew it. The new routines and new normhave changed every aspect of our lives. Today we explore how this crisis has affected our blogging/writing.


How has the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic affected your bloggingAre you posting more or less than you used to?

From strictly a blogging and posting schedule, the COVID_19 pandemic hasn’t, for the most part, had many effects. I still tend to write and post on my days off work, usually writing and posting three to four pieces over those two days.

From a mental or emotional perspective, I’m finding the motivation or inspiration to write a challenge at times. Most of the challenge for myself comes from being an essential front-line worker during the crisis and the exhausting emotional and mental toll it takes.

In other words, I’m pretty exhausted mentally, emotionally and often physically when I get home.

What is the tone of your posts these days, happy, sad, serious, worried?

It seems like an eternity, but in Canada, it has been less than two months(perhaps only five or six weeks) since the coronavirus has taken centre stage in our daily lives. Today is April 7 and back a month ago on March 7, Canada had less than 100 confirmed cases. Today it is over 16,600 confirmed cases.

I think my writing and posts say for the last month have gone from anger and frustration to a more of a mix of reality and to some degree inserting a measure of positivity into the mix.

positiveI would like to write more posts from the perspective of the “good things” that are occurring, during these challenging times. Often I read or hear of simple, yet wonderful gestures that people are doing here in Canada to help out those who may be in more of a difficult situation or those in the frontlines who are keeping us safe and or keeping the supply chains flowing with good and services.

We all need healthy doses of positive and uplifting stories during these days and the days that will follow.

Have you written any posts specifically about the crisis and its effect on your life? If so, please share a link?

I have written a few posts dealing with the pandemic. Here is a couple of them.

The first one Six Simple Feet Folks – It Ain’t Rocket Science was written around three weeks ago when things started to get exceedingly heated in Canada. It was at the time when we’re were waking up to the fact that the virus was in the country in big numbers and was only getting bigger and at that point doubling in size every few days.

My second choice took on a more positive tone “In order to be together, we need to be apart.” It deals two of the country’s Chief Medical Officers from the provinces of Alberta and Prince Edward Island.

Interesting side note, that much of the spearheading of Canada’s fight in terms of the medical advice and the public health approach the country is taking and such is being led either at the National level or provincial levels in terms of “Chief Medical Officers” is by women.

peiOn a second interesting side note, Dr. Heather Morrison(Chief Medical Officer) from the province of Prince Edward Island given her role, responsibilities and authority to deem what is essential and non-essential in that province, spoke to the children of PEI during a news conference directed towards them with PEI’s Premier Dennis King. Having watched that news conference, the questions submitted by kids, were as tough and challenging as any she had been asked by the media on a daily basis. How do you respond to “When will I be able to hug my Grammy?”

Nevertheless, she did indicate, given in the past that the Easter Bunny has always practiced good social distancing, she deemed in her role as Chief Medical Officer that the Easter Bunny was an essential worker and would be making the rounds as usual over the Easter weekend.

What kinds of posts do you like to read these days?

Any post at all that doesn’t take me down the COVID_19 road is something that I might be likely to read.

If I do choose to read something on the coronavirus, the post has to be a light that shines in the midst of turmoil. A post that exemplifies the good in humanity.

COVID_19 has plunged the world into a place, that honestly we never thought or imagined we could ever be in. Nevertheless, this is where we are at the moment.

And as much as we may like to think it hasn’t touched our blogging universe, whether it be across blogging’s entire spectrum or individually, COVID_19 has affected us all to some degree.

For many though, the blogosphere or whatever you call it can provide one platform to express how we’re feeling and dealing with something that in reality, none of us has seen or had to deal with.

There is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will get through this and come out the other end. What the other end looks like, is yet to be determined. My prayer and hope, like many of us, is that the world becomes a better place. A place where love, kindness, empathy flows freely like the cool waters of a slowing flowing stream through a field on a warm summer afternoon.

As always, a huge thanks to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her neverending work on this “Blogging Insights Series” and looking at “blogging during COVID_19” within the blogging and writing universe.


— in order to be together, we need to be apart  —

11 thoughts on “Blogging During COVID_19 Pandemic

  1. Covid 19 has definitely influenced our thoughts and writing. I have been writing more about the positive side of things and hopefulness rather than present the very gloomy picture but have mentioned the gloomy scene in a light manner. Do check out my latest works some of which have been published or are in process of getting published in a local weekly paperzine in Kenya.

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    1. It sure has influenced our writing and daily life at least here in Canada. It is easy to get sucked into the doom and gloom, seeing as it is right in our faces in all streams of the media. Focusing on the positive and hope that is out there is a great approach

      I’ll check some of your stuff for sure.

      Thanks for stoppoing by.


      1. yes I’m quite sure there is a mental and emotional toll … I did child protection work for years and when you see and hear things nobody should know about … take care and please ensure that you watch more comedy, you need the laugh for balance!

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