Thoughts From The Wilderness – Peace Over Panic

peace2If you have happened across many of my posts in the past, you know that I’m not terribly big on cute quotes and cliches. I’m not sure why I find them at times somewhat “over the top.” It might be simply the fact they seem just too convenient and an easy remedy to throw out upon the unsuspecting.

Notwithstanding that, I do use them from time to time in order to make a point. Yesterday, I read a piece about choosing “peace not panic” during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Choosing “peace not panic” while a wonderful and calming sentiment, it does seem a bit far too easy in terms of implementation. When simply going to the grocery store requires you to undertake the equivalent of “gowning up” and raises your already ramped up anxiety and tension to record levels.

It’s hard to reduce our panic and stress when we’re surrounded by the very elements that cause the panic pretty much every waking moment.

peace1Realistically, much of what is going on around us we have absolutely no control over. And because we feel that we have absolutely no control all at in this, stress, panic and fear envelops and paralyzes us. It prevents us from even trying to seek any semblance of peace in this of chaos and crisis.

But, does this necessarily need to be the case?

Do we simply lay back and allow fear and panic to paralyze us into some state of mental and emotional surrender?

Or can we do something to move the pendulum from the panic end of the scale towards the peace end of the scale?

controlFrom my own personal experience, I find that when faced with a challenging situation, that doing something; doing anything even if it is just one thing to help solve or get a handle on what is happening becomes very empowering. Doing that “one thing” many times leads to doing “another thing.”

It is doing that one thing or series of things that allow me to take some level of control back in the situation.

The same thing or approach can be done in terms of working towards reducing our panic and stress given these unprecedented days that we are living in. We can work towards choosing “peace not panic.”

Three Ways In Choosing “Peace Not Panic”

Reduce your media exposure

mediaAccording to surveys, the average person spends 2 to 3 hours per day engrossed in the environment of social media.

It is hard not to become overwhelmed with fear and panic when what we see regarding COVID_19 in most social media formats sends shivers up our spines. We all know that the crisis we face is bad.

Constant exposure to what is happening or might happen doesn’t help. It simply keeps adding layers of fear to the fear we already have.

Start moving the dial away from panic and closer to peace by reducing the time spent on social media.

Recognize – Slowing down is a gift; not a punishment

If we were to go back one year ago and say that our lives tended to spin at a dizzying pace, that would have been a pretty fair statement. For many not having each waking moment filled with important and often not so bloody important activities was their life. Having every moment of the day filled was like wearing a weird badge of honour. Non-productive time was seen as a weakness at some level.

slow downIronically, and on the flip side of the coin a year ago, most people uttered a phrase similar to, “if I only had some spare time to relax.”

See this time of slowing down as a gift. Unfortunately, it took a global pandemic crisis to get us to slow down. All of us are different, but there will be things from this crisis, positive things that we will have never experienced.

Slowing down I can guarantee will be one of them.

Slowing down should not move us towards panic. Slowing down will move us at light speed towards peace. Embrace the slowness.

Speak peace – not panic

Our words and how we use them hold tremendous power. Tremendous power over us and over those that hear them.

speak peaceThere will enough people, media and others that will deliver news and words that will cause us to “turtle” and never get out of bed in the morning. There is an overload of negativity in people’s social media and newsfeeds right now. Do you really want to another one who adds to this?

Choose peace not panic by using words that encourage and if you’re going to hit up social media, post only what is positive. In this sea of doom and despair, the words you and I use will matter and how they spread light and encouragement may very well be remembered by all.

Move the meter from panic towards peace by being a leader in your own way of comfort and brightness in this time of darkness.

Panic or peace. It may very well for many of us come down simply to making a decision to work towards choosing one over the other or at least tipping the scale closer towards peace.


Three Ways In Choosing “Peace Not Panic”

  • Reduce your media exposure
  • Recognize – Slowing down is a gift; not a punishment
  • Speak peace – not panic


— in order to be together; we need to be apart  —

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