Six Simple Feet Folks – It Ain’t Rocket Science

I’m haven’t posted in a few days. I wish I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not.

But, what I am is angry. Fucking angry.

I’m also physically and mentally exhausted.

rocketWithout a doubt, this has been a week from hell given where I get a chance to view the world from. And it is just the tip of a colossal ice-burg that is lurking under the surface.

To give you an idea, yesterday(March 23) my day started at 1:30am and ended when I walked back in the door to greet Lynn at 8:15pm.

I’m a front line worker, deemed as an “essential service as compared to non-essential.” Which here in Canada and Ontario, is a phraseology that changes on what appears to be an hourly basis.

I do not know what your country or area is like, but in Canada, this is abundantly clear.

People are selfishly choosing simple individual choices at the expense of the health and welfare of the country at large.

Ask people to stay at home – they gather in public spaces at greater numbers than ever before

Ask people to practise social distancing at 6 feet part(your term may be different)and they gather in tightknit groups of “just pick a number.”

I’ve had to deal with those who feel I’m directly responsible for all they see happening. I can assure the world – it wasn’t me.

I’ve come to the sad and harsh conclusion over the last week and a half that there are unfortunately those in our society who are a “special type of stupid.”

You may think that harsh and unfeeling and I get that. I know all too well that all of us are scared, panic-filled and wonder even what the next hour might bring let alone the next day.

I am all of those things and more.

I spent a good chunk of last week(or was it this week?) on helping in a small capacity to ensure our colleagues had the proper equipment and safety measures in place in order to feel at least safe in doing their jobs when dealing with multiple people and in close contact with them on a daily basis.

Without reliving the whole story, after a couple of complaints to city staff citing “the measures you’ve to implemented to keep us(the public) and the front-line guys and gals safe(or at least safer) from COVID_19 are kind of unsightly don’t you think?”, city staff buckled and removed the safety measures overnight. Imagine showing up for your shift and seeing all you felt good about in terms of safety in dealing with the coronavirus 12 hours before was now gone. Vanished without a trace.

Again without telling the whole story it appears “looking good and not ruffling feathers” higher up the management chain at city hall, was the preferred choice over the safety and protection of those delivering what is deemed an essential municipal service.

So, I’m angry. I’m angry at what appears to be our politicians unwilling to make critical decisions based on the information from our public health officials, who the politicians say, “are the best in the world.”

The federal government waits on the provinces to do things; the provinces say we’re waiting on the federal government. And during this “waiting for someone to make a decision”, the infection rates rise here in Canada at an exponential rate. And those are only the ones getting reported.

Our national public health officer has clearly stated as a country in total:

  • we do not have enough critical care beds to deal with this
  • we do not have enough ventilators to deal with this
  • we do not have enough front-line medical staff to deal with this(retired Doctor’s and nurses are being begged to return and help out)
  • we do not have enough COVID-_19 test kits to deal with this
  • we do not enough swabs to use when testing
  • we do not have the resources to deal with this

My cousin is a nurse at the largest hospital in the area. They were told that within the province of Ontario there are only enough types of medical-grade masks that they need to last for two weeks. After that time period, they were given no assurances.

She said the province learned nothing from the SARS outbreak of 2006. Ontario and specifically Toronto got hit very hard. Last time I spoke with her she said, “Glen, you know this shit is bad when behind the doors the province is desperately negotiating with the Honda assembly plant 50-kilometres down the road to re-tool to make medical equipment.”

While heading into work a couple of days ago in the very early morning hours, the CEO of the hospital in Collingwood not far from us was interviewed on CBC Radio 1. She said in no uncertain terms that whatever is happening isn’t working. Although after being assured by the province “all is good”, they had to put a call out locally and got masks and a ventilator from one dentist and masks from veterinarians in the area.

Local schools and college have given all their gloves used in teaching science and medical courses over to front-line medical personal who need them.

Am I still angry – yes?

Am I sad – yes?

My anger and anxiety will ramp back up in two days when I have to head back into the battle.

We need to shut Canada down.

We’ve tried across the country to get people to stay home. It didn’t work and it won’t work. It is evident that many people are simply selfish and self-serving with little to no regard for the well-being of others.

Our parents; grandparents; and perhaps great-grandparents fought and died in two world wars for the freedoms we have today.

From Sunday(March 22) to Monday(March 23) in a 24-hour period we saw a 40 percent increase in infections in Canada.

Six days ago it was 569 cases, as of 11:00pm last night(March 23) it is now 2037.

All we’ve asked society in Canada to undertake in order to fight and slow COVID_19 down in order not to collapse our health system is:

  • wash your hands; and
  • stay at home

It seems many of us can’t even fucking do that.

That is a sad commentary on where we’ve ended up.



12 thoughts on “Six Simple Feet Folks – It Ain’t Rocket Science

  1. We will get through this..latest data about age range for death and serious illness are helping to paint a clearer picture of the targeted strategies we need to implement.

    Yes, there are jerks out there..For my own sanity, I have to focus on those who are working so hard for many good people out there. I pray for all of our leaders at every level..can’t imagine the strain of this responsibility. God bless them all…

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