Something New – Short and Sweet

Sometimes you can get stuck. Stuck in a rut if you will.

I feel “stuck in a blogging rut” at the moment. Not that I’m unhappy or unsatisfied with my blog or the direction it’s taking me, but sort of “stuck in a rut.” So, just when “stuckness” was taking hold, a bit of sandy grit showed up to perhaps give a bit of traction to help ease the “stuckness.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 7.20.19 AMIn a recent email, this article from WordPress should up – Does Microblogging Make Sense For Your Business?

I get that my blog isn’t business-related, but the concept of publishing shorter content on a regular basis did intrigue me. For the most part, I can only publish one or on a good week, two longer posts weekly given my work and other competing interests(ie life).

sweetSo, having mulled the idea over in my mind for about 93 seconds, I thought I would try adding a new element to “justabitfurther” called “Short and Sweet.” I haven’t figured out a posting schedule yet, but my stats and insights for my blog indicate “Fridays at 8:00am” to be the most popular time in terms of views. So, perhaps then and another day – maybe Monday mornings?

I still plan on posting material in the same way as I always have, in terms of trip reports and “Thoughts From The Wilderness.”

I see “Short and Sweet” posts as being 100 to 400 words in length and covering topics or issues that pop into my mind at that moment. I envision some to be rants(cheaper than paying for therapy); perhaps inspirational or motivational, or even what I’m doing that day. Just simply something I can bang off real quick.

So, who knows what will show up?

I would love to get any feedback on what you may think about this or even topics I can pound out in less than 400 words.



— get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself  —



9 thoughts on “Something New – Short and Sweet

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