Thoughts From The Wilderness – Sharing Tips On Blogging? – Yes, No, Maybe?

insightsThere are many bloggers out in the “old blogosphere”, that freely and openly share their knowledge and tips in regards to how the blogging world operates and how to survive, thrive and be successful in it.

The next installment(Number 17) in Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights Series is Blogging Insight #17 – Sharing and Caring, “Do bloggers share all their tips or trade-secrets and should they?”

It goes without saying, that if bloggers don’t want to share very specific details or tips, that most would at least give some level of advice or direction to help solve a problem or issue that a blogger may be having. I truly hope that this would be the case and for the most part, I think it is.

She has asked a two-part question and I’ll try to answer it that way.

Do bloggers share all their tips or trade-secrets?

The blogging world in many respects can be thought of, much like a large family or community. When people invest in the community where they live(invest in others), then everybody benefits. Blogging is no different.

For the most part, the bloggers I’ve come across who blog extensively in the “blogging tips and secrets niche”, do share their knowledge and tips freely. I find often that their post will contain links to other posts they may have done in regard to a particular issue or links to another blogger’s site or relevant post.

tipsLooking back, I’m not sure if I’ve ever asked a specific blogging related question to someone. I think I’ve commented back and forth with other bloggers regarding a blogging topic or issue, and always come out of the discussion with much more knowledge than at the beginning of it.

For anyone starting out in the blogging world or even if you’ve been around for a few years, most bloggers that have crossed my path, are more than willing to help out and answer questions you may have.

Should they share their tips and trade-secrets?

The short answer is an overwhelming – yes!

However, one question that might come up is at what point might bloggers stop sharing all of their tips and tricks and start charging for their expertise?

tips2Many of the topics presented within this “Blogging Insights Series” contain within them one exceedingly important yet underlying question, “The Why?”

What is the reason a person blogs in the first place or continues to blog as the years go by?

If at some point a particular blogger feels they have gained enough experience and expertise in regards to becoming successful as a blogger and see blogging as their full-time career, they may make the decision to charge for their services.

It could be an e-book for purchase on how to become successful in the blogging world; access to exclusive on-line blogging courses they may have developed; or personal consultation with clients or some other service that they can monetize and charge for.

Regardless, of whether bloggers share knowledge freely; don’t share at all, or charge for their expertise doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things. It’s been my experience at this stage in my own blogging journey that simply asking a blogging related question will result in getting more answers to it then you’ll know what to do with.

In addition, there are scores YouTube videos on blogging related issues, as well as a simple Google search on a specific blogging related topic that will again yield enough material to keep you occupied for a week.

The blogosphere is a very open and giving environment from where I sit. Often all one has to do is “ask and it will be given.” Most bloggers will share what they can and are more than willing to help others to get a leg up as well.

As always, a huge thanks to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her neverending work on this “Blogging Insights Series” and specifically looking at sharing blogging tips and knowledge.


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14 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Sharing Tips On Blogging? – Yes, No, Maybe?

  1. 🙂 So far, I have shared what I learned about blogging on my blog as a way of giving back to my blogging community.

    By the way, a blogger can tell you everything that he or she knows about blogging, but if the newbie blogger does not put was taught to them into practice, they will not benefit from the knowledge that was dispersed.

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    1. Thanks for visiting Renard. And thank you for being such a kind and open person, sharing your knowledge and expertise regarding all thing blogging. I and many have benefitted from your timely posts.

      And you’re absolutely correct. If you happen to be new in the blogging world and don’t put into practice the advice and tips from more seasoned bloggers, then there is no real benefit from any of that knowledge one was to gain.

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