Thoughts From The Wilderness – Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Blogger

What makes a good blogger?

insightsThere are probably a number of very specific traits that “good bloggers” have or exhibit. Much like most endeavours, there will be certain qualities and characteristics that help in achieving overall success or in this case a “good blogger.”

The next installment(Number 16) in Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights Series is Blogging Insights #16 – A Good Blogger deals with that very question.

After taking some time to think about the question, here are five qualities or characteristics I think “good bloggers” need to have.

Know Why

Good bloggers need to have fully developed and understand their “why” in the whole blogging equation.

whyblogThe key to blogging in the first place is to know why you’re doing it.

If it is to make money and a living out of blogging, then your approach and motivation would certainly different than someone who sees blogging as a cathartic exercise in dealing with their own mental-wellness issues.

Knowing “why” you’ve decided to jump into the crazy world of blogging is part and parcel of the second quality or characteristic.

Be Passionate

Without passion, your existence as a writer and blogger is going be shortlived at best. Good bloggers are exceedingly passionate about their blogging journey.

passionFrom where I sit, blogging is meant to evoke emotion and passion within your readers. Yes, there may be the exchange of information and all that wonderful stuff, but passion makes the blogging wheel turn.

Without a doubt, writing and hence blogging and the blogosphere can be a difficult and excruciatingly challenging place to reside. If you’re not passionate about what you’re writing and blogging about, the effort it takes to be visible in a sea of million-plus blogs is a daunting task that many simply quit.

Good bloggers write and blog on what they are passionate about; very passionate about!

Open To Learn

Just because you’ve set up your blog on WordPress and that it looks awesome, don’t assume that you’re done.

Blogging like anything in life has much to offer, but we do need to put some effort into learning “how the blogosphere spins and how do we spin along with it.”

The way people read, learn and take in information has certainly evolved and changed over the years and blogging has become an integral part of that process.

There are very specific components and elements within the blogging process one needs to learn and with any amount of luck understand and implement in order to be a “good blogger.”

Graphics versus no graphics; long-form content versus short-form content; and the list goes on and on.

Good bloggers are always learning.


Generally, success in anything takes time and perseverance. The blogging world is no different. Those who may be considered “good bloggers” didn’t become “good” overnight or after their first post or two.

Anyone who starts a journey along the “blogging road” will be guaranteed to have a few failures and mishaps along the way. Those who want to become “good bloggers” learn from those mistakes and persevere through those tough stretches and mistakes.

Good bloggers” and the word perseverance, fit well together in any sentence.


Here are a couple of statistics to consider.

I assume the magnitude of the numbers is generally correct.

  • currently 500,000,000 blogs on-line
  • over 2,000,000 posts from those 500,000,000 blog go live each day
  • WordPress accounts for about 60,000,000 of those 500,000,000 blogs

Just accounting for “the WordPress world” only, your blog needs to stand out BIG in order to be seen in a sea of 60,000,000 accounts.

Good bloggers are risk-takers.

Good bloggers are willing to do things and write about topics from perspectives that others may not have thought about or are unwilling to write about.

Readers don’t want to keep reading the same take on something, they want YOUR TAKE on it.  Good bloggers understand that and are willing to take the risks to provide their readers with hopefully a new and fresh look at a topic.

To sum this up, many qualities and characteristics of “good bloggers” have are:

  • Know why they are blogging in the first place
  • Have a passion for what they’re blogging about
  • Open to learning the finer points about the blogging process
  • Be willing to persevere for the long term
  • Risk-takers who are willing to provide new and fresh outlooks on issues and topics

As always, a huge thanks to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her neverending work on this “Blogging Insights Series” and specifically looking at the qualities and characteristics that go into making a “good blogger.”

What are some qualities and characteristics you see as vital that “good bloggers” have and exhibit.?


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