Thoughts From The Wilderness – Blogging Is It Art Or Science?

Blogging – what is it?

Is it an art form?; is it a more science-based entity?; is it a 70/30 combination of both(or another percentage combination)?; is it neither and thus blogging falls into some weird category all of its own?

insightsThe next installment in Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights Series is Blogging Insights #14 Art or Science?

Within the context of the Blogging Insights Series, this is one of the more difficult installments to get a grip on given the nature of the question(s).

bloggingNevertheless, she asks three questions to delve into regarding the idea of blogging as art, or as science or perhaps a combination of both.

Here are the questions to consider:

  • Is blogging an art or science?
  • Can people without a “natural talent” for writing become bloggers?
  • Have you ever taken or taught a blogging course?

Is blogging an art or science?

Blogging is most definitely an art form.

Any time you put pen to paper or in blogging’s case “fingers to the keyboard” and start about writing on some topic, it is without a doubt an art form.

The topic may be the driest and mind-numbing technical or science-based blog, but it is still an art form.

One question though to consider is, “what defines art?”

Most of us would when asked this would likely respond with “art is painting” or some visual representation of something. We can actually have a very narrow definition of art or what art is, based on our backgrounds and exposure to a variety of art forms over the years.

The actual word “blog” or “blogging” can lead each of us in regards to this question down a particular path, based solely on how “we” see and interpret what blogging is or isn’t.

For example, when I think the word “blogging”, my mind immediately goes to what I do and others that I follow within the blogging community do. Each one of those bloggers, including myself creates art, but in a written form.

The only science involved in blogging, maybe a tiny bit of technical know-how needed to get your blog up and running. If I can create and get a blog going on WordPress, then anyone should be able to as well.

Can people without a “natural talent” for writing become bloggers?

The simple and short answer to the question is a resounding – yes!

The next question, however, might be are you willing to work hard, learn and put in the effort over time to become proficient and successful as a blogger?

Some people have a gift for writing, while others(including myself here) perhaps not so much.

But blogging and life are somewhat similar in nature.

Much of both is simply “showing up and putting in the effort.” A bit of an overgeneralization for sure, but the statement is true enough.

If a person has the “fire to write and burning desire” to bang away at the keyboard, then they can and will become a “blogger” however one might define “blogger.” It simply means working hard at learning the craft of blogging and putting in the effort to become a better writer, each and every day.

Have you ever taken or taught a blogging course?

When I first got going in this “crazy blogging world,” I did a couple of the “learning how to blog” introductory lessons that WordPress offers. I never actually signed up for a course about “blogging” whether it was free or had a cost associated with it.

I suppose that if you’re looking at the start to make blogging some sort of full-time career, then it might make sense to enroll in a blogging course of some description.

The only thing close to “taught a blogging course” is one or two posts I’ve done over the past couple of years along the lines of “what I’ve learned about blogging.” 

Nevertheless, having a teaching background, I could likely develop a short one-hour class or lesson on motivation for blogging and getting started in the blogging world.

One final thought..

Blogging and being a so-called “blogger” has a nebulous definition at best.

If you think I’ve lost my mind here, go and type in “blog” and “blogger” in a Google search and see what descriptions and information pop up on your search screen.

“Blogging/blogger” can mean whatever a person wants it to mean.

You may define blogging and hence blogger as someone who has hundreds or thousands of readers and followers, all of whom hang on every word that person writes.

On the other hand, the blogger next to you, who has four followers(all of whom are relatives) may define blogging/blogger as that person(themselves) who see blogging as a cathartic exercise in mental-wellness coping, by getting out on their blog, those innermost challenges they face in their own life.

“Blogging/blogger” means whatever any blogger wants, and better still, needs it to mean to them.

And realistically that’s okay, regardless of what the professionals might say!

Thanks again to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her neverending work on this “Blogging Insights Series” and specifically looking at blogging as art or science.

So, what is blogging?

Is it art? Is it science? Is it both or is it neither?

Looking forward to reading what YOU think about this.


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9 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Blogging Is It Art Or Science?

  1. As always, you have written comprehensive answers to the questions.
    As for the true nature of blogging, you have summed it up so well by saying:
    ““Blogging/blogger” can mean whatever a person wants it to mean”
    I am going to use this sentence as a quote.

    Liked by 1 person

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