Thoughts From The Wilderness – Are You Ready To Take Root?

Often life can be hard. Much like the surface in places along the Niagara Escarpment.

I get that is a slight understatement at best. Nevertheless, life often is what life simply is. A strange, but an exciting concoction of highs, lows and just about everything in between.

Those lows, however, can leave us with a bit of a negative layer. A hard granite-like exterior developed to shield us from the unpleasantness of bad experiences. The reality is, I don’t think any of us want to be defined by those experiences and certainly not by that “hard granite-like” exterior.

But, for growth and renewal to occur, there needs to be a crack in the surface. An often small and unrecognizable one will suffice. It just needs to be large enough for fertile soil, light and water to enter and start the process to change and growth.

From January 2019



Lynn took this photograph back in 2016 on the Lion’s Head section of the Bruce Trail located in the North Bruce Peninsula area of Ontario.

The thing that simultaneously intrigues and inspires me about the picture, is out of what is the seemingly impenetrable granite of the Niagara Escarpment, a beautiful plant can take root and grow.

Unfortunately, I’m not up on my native plant species that grow in Ontario, but whatever it is, it stands out like this. A wonderful reminder that even out of a seemingly barren granite facade we may think we are; or that we put forward; or that others perceive us to be……a beautiful plant like the one above is ready to take root.

We’ve all at one time or another, seen grass or moss growing out from what appears to be the middle of a concrete sidewalk. But, somewhere in that expanse of hardened concrete, there was a tiny almost invisible crack. All that was needed was that imperceptible crack; a little bit of soil; water and a touch of sun and then stand back and watch what happens.

And this should encourage all of you reading this, that even out of the hardest and most difficult of situations, beauty can spring forth.

Often life and all that it throws in our direction can leave us hardened. Having developed an exterior similar to the granite of the Canadian Shield to protect us from the storms of life. But, all it takes is a tiny crack in that rocky facade in order for something beautiful to grow.

But, for the growth to occur there needs to be that crack. That ever so small fracture to provide the catalyst for spectacular to happen. And spectacular dwells in each one of us, even if you think not,

I know that spectacular and beauty exists within you, waiting for the right conditions and that precise moment to blast forth like a rocket leaving the launch pad._DSC1040-Edit

Yup, even the toughest of exteriors like the granite of the Niagara Escarpment can produce the most beautiful of things.

Maybe it’s your turn?


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