Thoughts From The Wilderness – Craft Beer – Taste Versus Graphics?

beer2Craft beer pubs and craft or locally brewed beer is certainly a HUGE THING in our part of the country. I suspect that all across Canada and in other places in the world as well, craft brewing is just as big or even bigger.

Even the smallest of craft beer brewing establishments are not working out of some ramshackle falling down hut in the back of someone’s yard. All craft breweries I’ve visited, have buildings and facilities large enough to brew the sud’s; warehouse the product; sell their wares in a storefront and many have a restaurant or small pub along with it the whole operation.

Nevertheless, people and I mean LOTS OF PEOPLE love their craft beer. They love ale versus lager; love dark versus light beer; and of course the “taste.”

Yes, the taste. That does seem to be an over-riding consideration when it comes to a particular brand or beer of choice.

However, there are those of us(and perhaps it might just be me) who buy craft or locally brewed beer based on the graphics on the can or bottle.

A small sampling of “graphics” from the Christmas

This approach has not failed me yet!

Taste versus graphics – which approach works for you?

Oh, it doesn’t have to be with craft beer.

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