2019 – The Year In Review – Why?

It’s coming up quickly folks. In less than a week, 2019 will have come and gone. New Year’s Eve with all its festivities and over-indulgences will be a foggy and hangover suffering memory for many.

Another year will be in the books so to speak.

Three hundred and sixty-five check marks on the calendar all finished for yet another year.

2020The last one you ultimately check off on December 31, is going to set us up nicely for 2020 and all the possibilities the new year holds for both you and me.

Often, when preparing for these “year in review” posts, which by the way have already started to appear on my “WordPress Reader” feed, it has got me to wonder what the purpose of preparing and publishing them really is in the first place?

Could it be simply a significant case of overt self-indulgence and righteous self-promotion by the writer? Stroking the “old ego” to usher the new year in so to speak.

Look at all the neat things I wrote about this past year.

Aren’t I impressive?

You know, the links here here in this very post. It might be a great time right now, for you to click on over and read some of these extraordinary articles.


On the other hand, there is a distinct possibility that the post is for all intense and purposes is simply a compilation of how their blogging year went. And as well, how life and the intersection of blogging interacted or perhaps even collided at times.

More for themselves than their readers, but if it’s been written it, why not share it?

Sort of a laid back approach to the year in review.

“This year I had many ups and also a few downs when it came to my blog and blogging in general. The same things happen in my life throughout the year as well. Some high notes and a unfortunately a few notes that were somewhat on the low side.”


Or, it could be any other number of reasons.

So, what’s the point here?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

My question is; “why do we do ‘year in review’ posts in the first place?”

I’m not trying to bemoan those bloggers who work very diligently to create in-depth and often heart-tugging “year in review” posts.

I love to read and see the accomplishments and “not-so-accomplished” bits that other bloggers have made throughout the year. It’s thrilling and uplifting to read what their goals and aspirations are for the year to come.

A phrase I came up with that I often tell other bloggers and those within my relatively small circle of influence is “we sometimes need to see where we’ve been in order to know where we’re going.” If you happened to have fallen into my smallish circle of influence, then at some point in the past, you likely have been a victim of the utterance along with the somewhat “punchier language” which usually accompanies it.

Nevertheless, retrospection is a good thing.

lookingMaking and taking the time to look back, can highlight the “highlights” of the past year, but more importantly, it can point us back towards some of those “lower points” and goof-ups. It is often the lower points from which we can learn from and grow, both as bloggers and as a person.

Thinking about it for the moment, perhaps the question should be, “what components or ingredients should be included to create a monumental ‘year in review’ post for bloggers?”

Okay then. Help me out here!

What should be the “components or ingredients that should be included to create a monumental ‘year in review’ post for bloggers?”

I look forward to your suggestions and ideas.


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22 thoughts on “2019 – The Year In Review – Why?

      1. Good points.

        Often we set these year long goals without setting the smaller, bite sized ones in order to get there. And when we don’t get there, all is taken as a big failure. With ten smaller goals that you may have set for example, acheiving say eight of them would in my mind be a big success and win.

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