Thoughts From The Wilderness – Advice From An Elf

I swear this will be last Christmas related post before the “big day.”

And it seems that today is the “BIG DAY.”

advice 5

Elves work hard all year.

You know that; I know that and in fact, we all know that.

We know that they need to make A LOT of toys and such. Besides making toys, there is also much wisdom that can be derived from observing elves in action.

Their cheerful and sunny disposition, dedicated work ethic and love for all things Christmas make them wonderful role models for young and old alike.

So, with that being said, here are a few nuggets of advice we can take away as a gift this Christmas morning from the world of elves.

  • Bring Good Cheer – I think it’s obvious for this one. Wherever you go make sure joy and happiness follows.
  • Play Reindeer Games – have fun; you only have one “kick at the can!”
  • Enjoy Your Craft – love what you do and if you don’t, find the thing that gets you excited to roll out of bed in the morning.
  • Sing A Happy Song – always keep a joyful song in your heart.
  • Wear Funny Hats – don’t be afraid to get silly every once in a while. People will love you for it and you’ll love yourself for it!
  • Work As A Team – life is far better and far richer when your life is more than just simply “you.” Whether if it is in a committed relationship or simply in your work environment, one can not survive by being “an island amongst oneself.”
  • Share Your Toys – this could be your physical toys, which I’m sure your Mom told you to do when you were young. But, share your gift(s) with the world. If your a painter make sure the world sees your paintings. If you do woodworking as a hobby the world needs to see your creations. Share the gifts that you have!

In addition, elves follow a somewhat “Code of Ethics” or “Code of Elves” within their elf culture which in many respects, takes the above-noted pieces of advice and condenses down to something that is far more simpler to apply into our own lives.

buddyMuch of this condensed version has been espoused by one of the most famous elves or as he most aptly quotes – “I’m an elf… well, I’m a human, raised by elves” – none other than Buddy the Elf

The Code of Elves



Merry Christmas to you and yours.

We hope your day is blessed and one that will be filled with cherished memories for years to come.

Glen and Lynn



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