Thoughts From The Wilderness – Getting Personal

In the 11th installment of the “Blogging Insights” series,  Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) examines Blogging Insights #11 – Getting Personal

Many bloggers write and post under a pseudonym, while just as many may have a title from their blog, however, they also have their name proudly displayed as well. I’m sure there is also a healthy number that blog with a title of something as simple as “My Name’s Blog.”

Here’s Dr, Tanya’s questions for this installment:


1. Do you blog under your own name or do you use a pseudonym?

2. Do you share personal details like gender, nationality, race or faith?

3. How much of your personality show through your writing?

4. Do you share personal experiences to illustrate your writing?

Here are my “two cents” on “Getting Personal:”


Do you blog under your own name or do you use a pseudonym?

When getting started back in 2016, I chose “justabitfurther” as a blog title and name, mostly because I didn’t know any better. Looking back, I might have been a bit afraid or self-conscious of what people would think about this whole blogging world I was falling headlong into.

Now, I couldn’t give a “flying fadoo” to what people think. Personally think most people are jealous.

The blog name of “justabitfurther” was birthed out of Lynn and I often commenting while on an outdoor adventure, “why not hike just a bit further to see what might be around the next bend?” And the concept of going “just a bit further” while on a hike, seemed to work and fit like a glove as it could also be applied in the daily lives of people as well.

Pondering it for a moment, I use our first names on a regular basis in posts, but I’m not sure if I’ve included my last name or not.

For the record, then: Glen and Lynn McKenzie.

Do you share personal details like gender, nationality, race or faith?

For the most part, yes.

I don’t think I’ve deliberately posted to share those details, I think they have just popped out during the course of writing and composing particular articles.

Nevertheless, I do get why people are not willing to share certain aspects of who they are. Each one of those four elements may certainly be things that writers may or may not be willing to share for a variety of exceedingly personal reasons.

How much of your personality show through your writing?

All of my personality shows through in my writing.

The good; the bad; the angry; the sarcastic bits; the funny bits – all of it comes through at some point.

I will admit, I do at times tone it down or “won’t completely open the barn door and let all the animals out” when composing a new piece.

Having said that, as I mature as a writer and as a person, more and more of my personality sneaks out. I think as we become more comfortable and secure, we often are more willing and able to tackle and post on subjects or topics we wouldn’t have touched in the past or write them in ways or tones that we would have run away from earlier in our blogging career.

Do you share personal experiences to illustrate your writing?

Again, for the most part, yes.

Certainly, the trip reports we have done over the years are from personal experience.

In terms of other posts, I would say the flavour or texture of them certainly has my own personal experience and life woven into them. Those posts included in “Thoughts From The Wilderness” that deal with mental wellness issues and concerns, would definitely be based on my own personal experiences, even if not explicitly stated in the post.

Thanks again to Dr. Tanya(Salted Caramel) for her tireless work in developing the Blogging Insights series. There are always great posts submitted by such wonderful and talented bloggers.

Be sure to click on over to her site and take a look. You won’t be disappointed.


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12 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Getting Personal

      1. Thanks so much for your comments on the post. What people reveal or don’t reveal about themselves can be tricky for sure. I do think personality does sneak out, no matter how hard ones tries to conceal it.

        The quote is original. It just popped into my head when I was frantically typing away.


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