Thoughts From The Wilderness – Finding Fresh Content

As part of her on-going Blogging Insights Series Dr. Tanya(aka – Salted Caramel), recently posted the next installment – Blogging Insights #7 – Finding Fresh Content.

Fresh content.

Every blogger worth his or her salt has asked themselves that question at least once since pressing publish on that often terrifying first blog post.

What do I write about next?

Dr. Tanya provided this introduction, as a way to stimulate the creative juices.

Fresh content and new ideas: these are things that bloggers, as well as users of all other social media, are constantly trying to find. The blogosphere and social media stratosphere are like vast galaxies. These galaxies are populated with hundreds of thousands of bright stars, the glow of each of which is constantly clamouring for attention. With so much content creation going on every second can any idea be original?

In other words, where can you find original ideas?

Today’s Question

How do you write fresh content when everything that is worth saying has already been said?

In many of the responses posted to this query already, one theme that keeps reappearing is, “there is nothing much new under the sun to write about. That whatever needs to be said, has been said before by someone else.”

That is a bit of an “old catch-phrase” and in my opinion doesn’t hold much water.

We live in an era like most moments in time, where there is plenty new under the sun and therefore, plenty of fresh content that is prancing in the gate just ready to hit the blogosphere.

As such, if we head off on the premise that there is plenty of new concepts or fresh ideas, then by default, there is more than enough stuff that HAS NOT already been said. Therefore, we have in front of us, endless and thus new and exciting content available to crazily blog about until our fingers become numb from poking away at the keyboard.

Three Quick Thoughts

Be Ready and Willing and Open

Be ready and willing to seek new content or things that may stimulate our brains and help in the creation process. We need to be receptive or open to “allowing the universe” to inspire us so to speak.

New and fresh ideas or content can often be right in front of our eyes, but we miss it.

As an example, recently, I spied an advertising sign at a car dealership as I drove down the road. The sign read, “it’s not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy.” That is one great idea for a blog post.


Reading blog posts written by others or simply reading, in general, can often inspire in your mind another take on that concept or a fresh new idea altogether. A post written by one person can often lead to another idea, which is yours.

I also find that because I spend a fair amount of time in my car, that listening to the radio(I tend to listen to a variety of news, commentary or talk radio based formats) often generates new ideas or a commentary I can make on something I’ve heard. Podcasts can work in the same way.

Motivation and Creative Low Points

Perhaps the real problem though in all of this is two-fold.

Lack of motivation and a creative low-point.

There will be times in our blogging journey when the motivation to sit down and type or low and or when our creative well seems to have run dry. Personally, I think that one leads directly into the other.

If our motivation to sit and type is low or nonexistent, then we subconsciously or even consciously convince ourselves that our creative well or reservoir has run dry. And thus there is nothing “new under the sun to blog about. It has all been said before.” 

If a lack of motivation and the feeling that your creative well is in need of re-filling, is the issue then, go back and re-look at the first two thoughts and specifically the first one.

I’ve seen it expounded upon by other bloggers who have thousands of followers and write extensively on blogging issues, that when motivation and the feeling of a dip in creativity pop up, one should simply sit and start writing.

It sounds counterintuitive, but often that act of simply typing unplugs the creative log jam and the creative and motivation process refires itself up.

And Finally

I’m sure there is a number of different ways bloggers seek out ideas or work to uncover fresh and exhilarating content for their readers. The items or processes I mentioned seem to work for me. Word prompts and other challenges like that, I find many people partake in.

The main point is this. Even if you think that all has been said before by someone else, it hasn’t been said by you.

The overriding and point of the whole process is, whatever you blog about; whatever your next post is… it is YOUR TAKE ON IT. All of which is new(under the sun) because it is your take, not a take(penned by someone else) that has been written before.

The world needs to hear what you think and about something. Realistically, it could be your opinion or take on a subject that adds clarity to a murky and muddy discussion. It could be your next post, that helps someone across the globe that is in a season of crisis.

I hope it helps.

Thanks again to Dr. Tanya over at Salted Caramel for undertaking this most thoughtful series of insights into a variety of blogging issues.


—  get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself  —

10 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Finding Fresh Content

      1. With niche topics one is more likely to hit the wall because there is just that much one can write about one topic. But if you’re topic is life, literature or any of the wife open subjects, one is likely to get enough material to write about for years.

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