Thoughts From The Wilderness – Seeking Solitude In The Midst Of Mayhem

To say that for many of us, life is at times lived and experienced at dizzying and often breakneck speeds might be the understatement of the year.

For others, the speed of life might not be breakneck or out of control, but the mind-numbing and soul-crushing monotony of our day to day and week to week routine, calls out for us in either instance to perhaps stop, think and re-group.

Most of us would at least agree that looking after our physical needs, takes a top spot in terms of overall priority when it comes to our health. In theory, we should choose healthy eating habits, get the right amount of exercise, check in with our Doctor on a somewhat regular basis and try not to need to the head off into the extremes of things very often.

But, what about our mental wellness needs?

If we go back and read the first two paragraphs, it would suggest that some reasonable and attainable answer to either “light speed out of control” or “numb beyond comprehension”, both of which represent a level of mayhem, is required.

Seeking solitude may be just the remedy and prescription for both conditions.


Although seeking solitude is a good mental and physical pursuit at any time of the year, but seeing as we’re heading into the holiday season or the “season of excess” as I call it, seeking moments of solitude may be the one thing that takes a person from “having a meltdown of epic proportions” to “made it through this.”

Seeking Solitude In The Midst of Mayhem

The above picture is one I took of Lynn, while she was sitting on the empty sands at the west end of the beach in the Greenwich portion of Prince Edward Island National Park.

It’s the strongest example, in my mind of what exemplifies “seeking solitude in the midst of mayhem” looks like.

Why Solitude?

Great question!

Nonetheless, a better question might be, “why not?”

We live in a world that personifies a “me, me, me” culture. A topic that deserves a separate post or two all on its own. Nevertheless, in our case, having a focus on “me and my needs” is the prescription of the day.

As such, why is finding or even better “taking” solitude in the midst of mayhem often a necessity?

The reality is, each of us will have our own personal reasons why taking or seeking time in solitude is a well-needed part of our overall mental wellness strategy.

They might be:

  • simply a time of peace and quiet
  • time allow our soul to be refilled or regenerate
  • to collect our thoughts and or reflect on life
  • to keep us from “punching our spouse in the head”

The benefits of doing so are far-reaching.:

  • helps to build mental strength
  • begin to you know yourself better
  • solitude sparks creativity
  • not “punching our spouse in the head”

How Then?

More often than not, putting into practice what we need to do and to coin an old phrase, “it is often easier said than done.”

You’re sitting in your favourite chair right now with a wide-eyed stare thinking, “there is no way I can do this; take time for me – nope!!” 

I suspect your brain is spewing out – “I have too many commitments; I have no freaking time; deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines; and only I can do all the stuff – delegation of tasks is not in my vernacular.” 

I’m sure there are other excuses you could come up with as well, but nevertheless, whatever they might be, each one is all the more reason to take a moment or two or three of solitude.


Grow some “nards”; pull your “big person underwear” out of the bottom dresser drawer and put them on.

Then simply do it. Be proactive!

A great way to start is to tell yourself over and over that this is “your time.” You are doing for yourself; for your own wellness and most importantly remember that you are worth it. Better to take a day away from the madness, than to continue trying to survive in it. This practice may ultimately lead you to far worse consequences.

Forget what others may think. They will more than likely be wishing they could do the same.

If you’ve been barking and yapping at your spouse and kids for the last while, I can almost guarantee they’ll more than support you taking an afternoon for yourself. Hell, they may even chip in some coin towards doing what you want to do!!

Try blocking out a day or afternoon to be by yourself. If you have a favourite place or spot, such as your “soul place”…then go it. This is a post on  “Soul Places” that I wrote back in January of this year.

It is unfortunate, but more often than not, one of the most difficult words people grapple with in the English language and the culture we live in, is the word – “NO.”

Remember that NO is not a bad word. Don’t say “yes” to everything that comes up or everything that gets asked of you.

When someone says, “can you be here; do this; take on this?” Remember, it’s perfectly fine to reply, “No thanks. I have plans for me that day.”

Seeking solitude in the midst of mayhem. It may be one of the most important investments in our mental wellness and survival that one can make. It’s an investment that can be made at any time of the year. Honestly, it can become a critical investment during the next six weeks of the “season of excess.”

On a side note, I heard on the radio yesterday the holidays referred to as, “the season of gifting.” WTF!!!

Nevertheless, why not make that investment of “seeking solitude” right now!

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 6.28.01 AM


—  get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself  —

16 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Seeking Solitude In The Midst Of Mayhem

  1. Solitude is vitally necessary for our mental well-being and not enough know that!
    As a meditator I can’t imagine a day without that ‘reflective’ time. I’ve taught it as a stress buster to super busy professionals and when they “feel” or know the benefits they ensure that they do make the time to incorporate at least ten minutes each day! That is far too little for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m finding it more and more a necessity as time marches on. A post of “solitude” could go in a thousand different directions, but I think we all need to take that time to re-coup; re-charge; re-flect.

      The Challenge is we live in a culture where often taking that time can be seen as wasted time, when in actually it is the best investment one can make.

      Great observations as always Kate.

      How are things going in your area of Australia? Still pretty horrendous?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. or lack of worthy news in Canada?
        I often feel when we hear so much about the HK riots or Brexit it’s because not much is happening here … since the fires we’ve only had summaries of those other things.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Plenty of worthy news here in Canada. Google “Don Cherry” and you’ll have enough reading for the next week.

        We had an election back in October and returned a Liberal minority government. Parliament is supposed to reconvene in early December(I think). The others parties are somewhat sticking it to the minority Liberals to get items or legislation passed. Without having a vote of non-confidence, which would trigger another election

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Got ya.

        Don Cherry is a hockey icon here in Canada. He was an NHL coach, but for the last 35 to 40 years he has had a segment on the Saturday night hockey game(Hockey Night in Canada) called “Coaches Corner”

        He made some rather “nasty remarks” on the Saturday before Rememberance Day(Nov 11) along the lines of “You people – immigrants who come to Canada….and don’t wear a poppy to remember those who fought etc etc”

        He was fired by the broadcaster for his rather nasty remarks. There is no middle ground in the discussion. Either they were right to fire him, or they were wrong. He was the sixth or seventh most famous Canadian ever in a tv show(to pick the most famous Canadian) that aired a number of years back.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. migrants have to find their own way … they may not have a clue what the poppy signifies and frankly I’d prefer only those who know and understand were it! Not just coz it’s the fashion … media influences massively 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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