Thoughts From The Wilderness – How Important Are Images?

A fellow blogger by the name Dr. Tanya over at Salted Caramel(you need to head over right NOW and check her blog out!) has developed a new series called “Blogging Insights.”

Her latest one is Blogging Insights #6 – How Important Are Images?

That’s an interesting question to ask, in that most blogs I follow have at least one picture of some description in every post.

In our blog, the pictures that Lynn takes, fill a vital role in conveying the heart, spirit and the message of each and every post. Now, notwithstanding that fact, and as well not being anything even close to a blogging expert, makes me in my humble opinion, uniquely qualified to type away and provide what little wisdom and expertise I can to the subject matter.

Dr. Tanya posed the following three questions.

Blogging Insights

  • How important are images to a blog post?
  • What is the role of images in blog traffic and reader engagement?
  • How many images on average do you use in a blog post?

My Answers

How important are images to a blog post?

I can only speak from the aspect of our blog, but pictures whether they have been taken by Lynn or if they have been taken and noted from a source such as Google Images are very important.

Each image, whether it is only one that has been included, or it is a series of them adds to the overall richness of the post. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind.
I often use a particular picture, to illustrate something like, “this is what we were looking at.” In other instances, a picture and particularly those that Lynn takes, are used to convey a concept or help to advance an idea.

38This picture of Lynn quietly reflecting while sitting at the ocean in Prince Edward Island National Park was used in a recent post to help further the idea or concept of “seeking solitude.”

Our blogs or any blogs for that matter are written to convey some sort of message to the readers. If adding a picture(s) helps to further move that message along, then, by all means, add them it.

A really top-notch photo may be the one element to entice someone to click on the title to see what the rest of the post is about.

What is the role of images in blog traffic and reader engagement?

I can’t speak from the “technical aspect” of how “images relate to generating blog traffic and reader engagement.” That seems like a topic for blogging experts who would have the knowledge and statistic to make an accurate assessment of it.


But, from my perspective, it is often a picture that catches my attention first.

Often it can be the “featured image” that people see first.

That phrase “you only get one chance at a first impression” comes to mind here. If the “featured image” can capture my attention and get it to stay on the post for a second or two longer, then I’m more likely to glance at the title and click through to read the post.

Throughout the body of the post, I find that images that add to the richness and heart of the post truly move the spirit and hence message of the post along. From a practical aspect, well-placed photos break up long blocks of mind-numbing and eye-straining text.

I don’t have the concentration and I suspect others don’t as well, to stay engaged and read through long solid blocks of text. Often when I see what appears to be a “novel” in front of me, I will either simply glance at it or move on to something else.

How many images on average do you use in a blog post?

More than one, and less than infinity.

I never put a number or a limit on how many pictures we include in any particular post. I’m sure there is some “magic number,” that experts will quote as being the correct amount.

The heart and spirit of our posts strive to convey a message that touches readers very deeply on an emotional and soul-searching level. If it takes ten images to get there, then ten images it is. Many times from a visual perspective, I’ve done posts where there are far more images included than text, which I think is just fine.

On occasion, I have done posts that are simply images. Such as a year in review. Again, which I think is just fine.

Blogging is connecting with people on an emotional level of some description. It is storytelling, often with a heart and spirit that ties the writer and reader together in a unique and special bond.

If it takes only one or if it takes a dozen images to help “tell the story and strengthen that bond”, isn’t that a good thing?

I hope that this helps anyone who may be starting their own journey in the world of blogging.

Adding images provide that extra element or “spice” that can “flavour” your post to the point it becomes that  “juicy delicacy” just waiting to be “savoured and devoured” by your readers.

A big thanks again to Dr. Tanya Salted Caramel for taking the time to reach out and provide wonderful and practical suggestions on blog post images through Blogging Insights #6 – How Important Are Images?


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