Thoughts From The Wilderness – Thanksgiving 2019(Canadian Style)

This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada

The time of trees changing colours, rural fall fairs, hikes in the woods, turkey dinner(s), pumpkin pie, over-eating and time spent with family and friends.


However, like the name of the holiday suggests, it is “Thanksgiving.” In as much as it is a weekend filled with over-eating and getting together with family, it is also often simply seen as a long-weekend.


Nevertheless, the name does suggest “what are we thankful for?”

Yesterday(Saturday), Lynn and I went to the rural fall fair(159th edition) in the village we raised our family in.

It was an afternoon of running into people we hadn’t seen in a very long time. Wandering through the local arena admiring the craft displays of handmade quilts(truly works of art), baking competitions(loaves of bread, buns, cookies, cakes), rows and rows of crafts, art, writing, vegetables and just about anything else you could name as part of the elementary school competition.



Outside in the agricultural grounds had the livestock competitions, farm machinery displays, the midway and of course, the truck and tractor pulling event.

It brought back a ton of memories of our daughter Sara during those years. Entering things into every category possible in the school competition. As well, seeing the logo she designed for the local high school she attended. They had some sort of booth at the fair.


As much as it was a wonderful afternoon, in another way it left me somewhat sad.

It was sad from the perspective, that Lynn and I had to drive back to an empty house.

No Sara at home to celebrate with, as she lives on the other side of Canada in Halifax.

No family dinner to either prepare for or to attend.

Lynn still has family, but it seems for one reason or other things were put off until next weekend.

I don’t have any family left. So, I do miss the family get-togethers.

Today(Sunday) is the big family day. Slow roasted turkey dinners, pumpkin pie and time spent with family. Traditionally, it is the first time kids return home from heading off to university or college in the fall.

I’m thankful for sure, but can’t help feeling a twinge of nostalgia and sadness all at the same time.

Thankful for the almost twenty years we spent in that little village. As Lynn said yesterday, it was the perfect spot to raise our daughter. And you know it was.

I often tell people that your kid could start in kindergarten and be essentially with the same kids in the same class, all through elementary school and certainly with most of them in the same classes during the high school years. Those are friendships forged in early, but that which lasts a lifetime.

But, I miss it though.

Miss being able to walk to church; to walk to Foodland; walk to “downtown.” I miss going into the local restaurant and simply finding an empty seat at a table, regardless of who else was sitting there. Hell, you knew everybody.

I miss it.

Hopefully, today we’ll be able to connect with Sara over the phone.

Last night they(Sara and Sarah(roommate)) had a musician play a “house concert” at their apartment as part of his cross Canada tour.Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 6.04.17 AM

Next week, the two of them are off to California to see someone in concert(I have no idea who – I only know bands from the previous millennium) and as well a bit of vacation time in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Fransico.

So, this weekend regardless of it is “Thanksgiving” in your neck of the planet or not, be simply “thankful.”

Be thankful for:

  • family
  • friends
  • health
  • fall colours
  • just be thankful

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!thanks



19 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Thanksgiving 2019(Canadian Style)

  1. I sometimes get sad around Thanksgiving and holidays too. When I was growing up, holiday dinners meant 20-30 people at my grandmother’s house. She and my aunts would spend days preparing an absurd amount of food and making the house absolutely sparkle.
    But after my pap passed away when I was 18, everything stopped. Family members moved away, and my Gram was too sad to want to do anything big after that. I had a really hard time with our small gatherings for many years.
    The first few years I was married, I tried to plan big get togethers, but it is SO hard and SO stressful. When I hosted my first Thanksgiving for 8 people I thought I was going to implode. I don’t know how my Gram did it all that time!
    So I’m learning to find a comfortable spot in between the two.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Stacy. Our holidays like Thanskgiving and Christmas were never big get togethers. Mostly just real close relative like parents and such. Don’t think either with Lynn’s side or my own did we get much over 10 people. But, as time goes by it does become tough though. Famliies expand, move further away and getting together become difficult. I often think that many families make it priority to get together, which I think in some aspects is not a bad plan.

      I’ve had a challenge since our daughter moved east two years ago. Not that moving with her roommate from school was bad; it was a great thing. We’re not overly wealthy so taking even a driving trip to visit her would take 6 months or more to save for.

      I think that family and getting together and strengthing those family bonds/ties is important. Lynn not so much though.

      But, we’ll touch base with out daughter at some point today. And get together with Lynn’s parents next week. Just a tough time of year I guess for me right now.

      Thanks again for visiting.

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  2. So oddly enough, I’m simultaneously chatting with another blogger (who is also Canadian BTW) about collaborative posts, and I was just thinking about doing one on how to get through the holidays when you’re dealing with anxiety/depression, etc.
    Do you think this is something you might be interested in doing? I’d just wrangle maybe 3-5 bloggers and we’d all write 2-3 ways we cope through the holidays. Then we’d all post the same day and time, linking each other’s blogs in the name of quick/easy marketing and helping the blogosphere through the end of the year holiday madness.
    No worries if it’s not your thing, I just figured I’d extend the invitation since it seems like we’re kind of in the same boat right now. Let me know what you think!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay so we have a total of 3 people doing the collaborative post, with the possibility of 2 more. If you’re still on board, we were thinking about swapping posts to edit the week of November 11th or 18th and then having them go live November 30th.
        Again, nothing elaborate, just maybe 2-4 paragraphs about what helps you get through the holidays. Let me know what you think.

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