Thoughts From The Wilderness – Three Tips Towards Some Calmness In The Midst Of Chaos

Often life can swirl into a seething cauldron of chaos and mayhem. Many times it all occurs within a split second, it seems.

Realistically though, this “seething cauldron” that we can find ourselves spinning wildly out of control in, is usually a slow build. A slow build in that either we know it is happening and choose to do nothing about it or in retrospect, we realize that it was building up ever so slowly over time.

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Regardless of how we end up there, the point is here we are in the vortex of our life’s tornado.

And when we’re in the insane midst of it, it can feel like there is no escape. Much like a bad dream, we have trouble waking up from. Our judgement becomes impaired; we feel this slow slide into the darker side of mental wellness; the walls of living keep pressing closer and closer, choking what little breath we have left out of us. It is not a fun feeling or a pleasant place to dwell in for any length of time.

Living in the midst of chaos for an extended period can take its toll on us and those around us.

It is both physically and mentally exhausting.

The sadness of the entire situation is that chaos and all that it entails can ultimately evolve into becoming our new reality; our new normal. We wake up(thankfully from the bad dream) to discover that this is what our life has become. Never a moment of peace; always putting out fires; always on edge.

Chaos and its minions can often take us to a place where either our mind, our body or both of them together scream NO MORE.

So, how do we create calmness in the midst of chaos? How do we either remove ourselves out of this swirling cauldron we’re spinning in? Or at least lessen the swirling mass from hurricane status to that of a tropical storm?

stormy water
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Like in this picture that Lynn recently snapped when we stopped at the harbour on Georgian Bay in Meaford, ON, how do we get create calmness when chaos surrounds us?


Three Tips Towards Creating Calmness

  •  Recognize

Often in the centre of the chaos surrounding us, all we can manage to do is simply at times keep our head above the churning seas. However, at the same time, we’re also keenly aware that we wish this period of our life was over and done with. That there would be a season of calmness to float around in.

So, the chaos being over can’t come soon enough.

When our lives are spinning out of control and I mean seriously out of control, if we can recognize that it is happening and be honest with ourselves that we’re not in a good place, it provides a platform at least to manage the “chaos” and “out of controllness” from completely knocking us on our butt.

If we don’t know what is happening to us, there is a good chance that someone does and points out the direction we may be heading. Always prudent to at least pay attention if someone is telling you you are on a collision course.

Regardless of whether we make the connection or someone points us down that path, try to recognize what is happening; be honest and truthful that we need to do something.

  • Be Intentional

Once we recognize and acknowledge the chaos for what it is and what it is doing to our own mental and physical wellness, be intentional with a plan.

It is one thing to say, “I need to get out of this chaos, if only for a day.” It is something altogether different when “we actually do get of the chaos for a day.”

Saying and doing are two entirely different things.

What we conclude to be intentional about implementing to get out of the chaos depends on us and the situation for the most part. It could be a complex and difficult solution and decision. Or on the other hand, it could be as simple as saying, “I’m forgetting everything and leaving for a weekend away.”

Often removing ourselves from the chaos for a day or weekend can have a huge impact and be of great benefit. Getting away for a weekend at a cabin or something similar and spending time in nature can help us to get clarity about what we may need to do. If nothing else, getting away from it it can provide a welcome respite from whatever is blowing around us.

Regardless of major or minor, saying you’re going to do something about it and actually doing something can be as different as night and day.

Be intentional – “don’t say you will…….just do”

  • Unplug

Regardless of whether life right now is in the midst of chaos and feels like Hurricane Dorian is catapulting your lawn furniture down the street or things are sailing along nice and smooth, unplugging from social media never is a bad thing.

As much as social media has its good points, on the other side of the scale it can be equally as bad or even worse.

Getting away from the craziness and chaos that surrounds us for a time, can involve getting away from that sucking downward vortex of Facebook posts and notifications; the constant checking of your Twitter feed and mindlessly scrolling through the latest fabricated images on Instagram. The constant reminders that your life could be better(if you were only like so and so in this image); that the world is only to “hell in a handbasket”; and the never-ending posts of your first cousin’s “perfect children.”  

Often it is too easy to get sucked back into the “mind-numbing and soul-crushing” reality of social media. I get it if you use FB messenger video chat to connect with your grandchildren. But, that’s not what this is about here.

It’s about getting away and out of the battle for a bit. And often unplugging from the fakeness and chaos that can abound on social media can play a huge part in calming the storm.

Creating calmness in the midst of chaos has likely plagued man since the dawn of time.

Solutions to creating calmness are never easy and often can be complex and require us to make major decisions.

On the other end of the spectrum, it can be as simply as a weekend away with your honey.

But, if we can:

  • recognize and be truthful about our situation;
  • be intentional in doing something;
  • unplug and give our mind and soul a break

We may find a solution that slows or stops the chaos. If all we achieve is a chance at peace and solitude to recharge the batteries in order to continue the fight. Perhaps that is a win for us as well.


What do you do to create calmness in the midst of chaos?

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