Thoughts From The Wilderness – “Soft Kitty….Warm Kitty….”

Okay, this isn’t a post or dissertation on that particular song from the recently finished “The Big Bang Theory.”

Nope, just a short post to describe the events leading up to today, Sunday, July, 14.

Our daughter Sara, much like myself is allergic to cats. I’m more allergic than Sara, but we are both allergic to furry felines nonetheless.

Notwithstanding the allergy bit, Sara and her roommate wanted to get a cat. I do remember, them saying, a dog at this stage wouldn’t fit into life at the moment.

So, a cat would work, right?

Great question and a good choice for the most part, other than the whole allergy conundrum.

Given my relatively limited knowledge on a variety of subjects, I do know that there are hypo-allergenic cats, or so they say.

You should be able to see where this going.

Sara and her roommate, well mostly Sara purchased a hypo-allergenic Siberian type of cat. Well, a kitten to tell the truth.

Funny, thing is though there are no breeders of this type of cat in eastern Canada.

Undaunted, why not simply contact a breeder in Ontario and not far from where Lynn and I reside in the “old homestead” and buy a kitten from her.

And thus she did.

One problem… kitten in Ontario…..Sara in Nova Scotia.

Of course, the simplest solution is for Lynn to take the kitten out to Nova Scotia on a plane and then fly back in a couple of days.

Well, the simplest solution would have been for Sara to pay for the breeder to ship the kitten via air. Small issue, though, the breeder didn’t want to ship the kitten in the cargo hold on a plane.

So…. kitty and Lynn take a flight.

Lynn and Kitty at Terminal 3 – Pearson Airport

Long story short, Sara bought Lynn a one-way flight on WestJet from Toronto, so Lynn could take the kitty in the cabin with her. As I type this, Lynn and Kitty have been in the air for about 30 minutes or so.

So, how do I fit into this?

Another great question.

My birthday and Father’s Day, always fall within a day or so of each other. This year, Lynn and Sara had a slight challenge in coordinating these two important celebrations for the “old man.” However, when Lynn was on the phone with Sara, desperately trying to make sure Dad wasn’t forgotten, Sara suggested that she would buy me a ticket to fly out and enjoy the “kitty festivities.” Nail, both birthday and Father’s Day in one massive shot.

Thus, I’m sitting patiently waiting at Hamilton International Airport for my 6:20pm flight.

But, Lynn flew out of Toronto you say!

True enough. By the time this all came about, for me to get on the same flight as Lynn was pushing $600. Flying in Canada can be expensive as all get out!!

So, I sit in Hamilton typing away waiting for my $150 flight to board.

Lynn and I will fly back into Hamilton, late Tuesday afternoon.

To finish up this tale, the stress and worry about getting the cat on the plane has evaporated. It will evaporate even more, once I touch down in Halifax and crack a cold beer or two at Sara’s apartment.

Not sure why it was bothering me, Lynn’s flying with the cat!!



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10 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – “Soft Kitty….Warm Kitty….”

  1. lol why pay for air tickets, haven’t you guys learnt to use brooms yet?

    Be interested how this celebration goes down with the cat present … will be a great test of it’s non-allergy label!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY young fella, enjoy your party with the girls ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brooms, magic carpets or planes…air travel of any type in Canada is pricey. We only have two major air carriers in Canada that fly domestic. So, not a lot of choice from that prespective.

      This breed is definately hypo-allergenic. I have a severe cat allergy and had no problems what so ever over the three days we were there.

      The kitten settled in very easily. Curious about everything and up half the night. lol

      Liked by 1 person

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