Brooks Falls and High Falls(Bracebridge) Afternoon

It seems that each day of vacation flows seamlessly into the next one. Which is good in some respect, but bad in others. Bad, due to the fact, I have absolutely no idea which day it is.

Nevertheless, I think it was Tuesday past, after having an appointment in the morning, we headed north from the “old homestead” to do some slow shutter speeds shots of both Brooks Fall, located east of Emsdale and High Falls located on the Muskoka River on the edge of Bracebridge.

We’ve been to both locations in the past and in fact, have made numerous trips to Brooks Falls. I’m thinking this could have been our fourth trip to Brooks Falls in the past two years.

You can read about our last trip to Brooks Falls(here), which we took last year.

A map of their general locations.

Brooks Falls at the top of the pic and Bracebridge in the middle.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 9.43.41 AM

Lucky for you, the reader, not much to text needed to explain the beauty.

Brooks Falls

This first picture was taken last October, while the second picture was shot back in the late fall of 2017. They give you some sense of the falls themselves.


However, during our recent journey to Brooks Falls, the sun was shining directly on the falls themselves making the lighting and exposures tricky at best. The surrounding bush was in total shade. It made capturing the images of the water very difficult. Shots Lynn did get, weren’t for the most part up to her standards, so we didn’t include those ones.

But, we have these wonderful shots of the area slightly downstream.


This is a shot of the falls I did with my phone. Difficult shooting conditions with the sun shining directly of the falls themselves.


Someone has been working very diligently.


Brooks Falls is, for the most part, a small park. Vault toilets are located near the entrance and there are a few picnic tables and benches scattered around. From what we can gather it is popular with people living nearby, who come for a quick cool-off dip in the water downstream, as well as vacationers who may be in the near who come to take a peek at the falls.

If you are ever in the area, it is worth it to take an hour and check out Brooks Falls. Take the Deer Lake Road exit from Highway 11 northbound. It is the first exit north of the exit for the Almaguin Highlands Information Centre.  Head east on Deer Lake Road for about 3 to 3.5 kilometres.  You’ll see a sign for Brooks Falls at the entrance to the park.


This is Lynn’s favourite wildflower the “Lupin.” As far as we knew, it was found for the most part on Prince Edward Island. Apparently not. Seems we’re seeing them all over the areas north of us. Guess in the past, we weren’t paying much attention!


After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at finding a suitable “chip wagon”, we continued our adventure and headed south on Highway 11 in the direction of Bracebridge and High Falls.

High Falls – Bracebridge

High Falls can be accessed from a picnic/rest area directly off Highway 11 southbound at Cedar Lane. A short walk takes you to both High Falls and what I think is called the Lower Falls or something like that.

Again, we had been here on several occasions and is a wonderful spot to check out.


The falls at the top of the picture is High Falls. The ones peeking out in the upper right are the lower or smaller falls. Still pretty though.


All in all, visiting Brooks Falls and High Falls made for a wonderful adventure. Both are easy to access and well worth the effort if waterfalls are your thing.

Having easy access right now is a blessing, as day time temperatures have been hovering around the mid 30 degrees Celcius for the past while. Hiking in those temperatures, while doable can make for a challenging time, especially if you’re deep in a forest with absolutely no breeze or a chance of a breeze. It can get sauna-like and stay sauna-like all day long. In fact, as I’m writing this today(early on Friday, July 5), temperatures with humidity are expected to approach and stay at or above 40 degrees Celcius for the next 36 hours.

Even if waterfalls “don’t float your boat”, there are plenty of other activities and things in the area that would most certainly fit the bill. All it takes is a simple stop at a local travel/tourist information centre in the area, or a few minutes spent online and you’ll have enough things and places to go, you may need to stay for a few days.

Which isn’t so bad after all.

Here are a few links to help out on creating your own adventure.

Town of Bracebridge

Explorers’ Edge

Discover Muskoka

Almaguin Highland Tourism

One more thing, you can now even fly from Toronto to the Muskoka Airport on Porter Airlines and FLYGTA Airlines. How neat is that!

Porter Airlines

FLYGTA Airlines

Muskoka Airport

Thanks for visiting.

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