Thoughts From The Wilderness – Close Your Eyes …. Open Your Mind

Often we hear or perhaps read something akin to “keep your eyes open to the opportunities and the world around you…”

Not a bad approach, but is there not one part missing with the above phrase?

What about your mind?

On a doorway in an alley in the downtown of Owen Sound

Our eyes are but one aspect of seeing, observing and reacting to the world around us.

But, isn’t or doesn’t our mind play the biggest role in all of “what we’re seeing?”

Our eyes only take in what our eyes take in.

Our eyes don’t make the judgements; our eyes don’t jump to conclusions before there is enough information; our eyes don’t observe with predetermined biases and prejudice; our eyes aren’t filled with hate and anger.

It is our mind that judges; jump to conclusions; it contains the biases and prejudices; it is filled with hate and anger.

It is a closed mind that has those things.

A mind shut so tight, that there is not a hope in hell of anything that doesn’t fit within a narrowly defined paradigm ever having the chance of busting through.

An open mind provides fertile ground or an opportunity to go from judgement to understanding; from jumping to conclusions to be willing to listen; from biases, prejudice; hate and anger to love and acceptance.

Our eyes may be as open as they can possibly be.

However, it is our mind that determines what we actually see.


10 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Wilderness – Close Your Eyes …. Open Your Mind

    1. Thanks Kate. People say they see things, but they don’t really. People observe, but their mind can be so closed by their religious slant, hate, anger, fear, prejudice etc, that they aren’t seeing at all. A closed mind is the most infertile place on earth. An open mind is just the opposite. It becomes the most fertile place for love, understanding, empathy etc to flourish.

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