Blue Mountain – Hiking Trails(Summer Edition)

With any decent holiday or vacation planning, there needs to be a list. A well-thought and reasonably detail listing of things you may want to do or see during your time away from work.

I revel in list development(lists are good) and their subsequent execution. Having said that, however, Lynn is slowly pointing me in the direction of “spontaneity is good”

I’ll leave it to you to figure out who is the more “spontaneous” one.

Blue Mountain Resort complex, located just outside Collingwood, Ontario, has become a favourite destination of ours to head to, over the past number of years.

A four-season resort, there is always something going on, or a larger event happening, it seems each weekend of the year.

Last October, when we were on a week’s worth of vacation, we trekked on over to hike some of the extensive trail systems which spread across the mountain.

You can read about that adventure here, which includes much more information on Blue Mountain and Blue Mountain Village.

This time, we planned to cover much of the same terrain as last year, but to come down on trails further on the east end of the mountain.

The “arrows in yellow” highlight our route this time around.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.22.59 AM

Our route, after leaving “The Village” consisted of:

  • up “Village Way”
  • across the top along “Route 66 and Southern Traverse”
  • down along “The Grind”
  • across the bottom via “Pathway to Village”

Posing in a natural “tree lounger.” Lynn said it will be fun!

Had I slipped out, I’d still be bouncing down the mountain.


The first half or so of the “Village Way” trail heads up the mountain adjacent to an adventure park ride. We didn’t take pictures heading up through this part as it is pretty much the same. Steep uphill and trees.

You come out of the forest into one of the ski runs.

Doing that, you need to take a selfie looking down and across a large portion of the resort.

It has become exceedingly evident to myself and more so to Lynn, that there is some sort of DNA flaw in my makeup, that prevents me from composing and ultimately taking a “selfie” that is worthy of viewing and not the “trash bin.”


Once you’ve attempted the selfie bit, of course, you need to continue on up……….


After all the uphill, trees and switchbacks, we finally made it to the top and “Route 66”, which is actually part of The Bruce Trail through this section.

A few pics along “Route 66.”


Lynn sees red chair….must climb into red chair.


At this point “Route 66” ends and “Southern Traverse” starts which will take us across the remaining trails along the top of the mountain.

Coming upon yet another red chair, yours truly struck a couple of poses that have to be at least worthy of inclusion in …….. perhaps the “trash bin.”


A few more shots from along “Southern Traverse.”


Good warning sign.


Many locales in our area of the province, have significant growths of Poison Ivy. Tangling with Poison Ivy often results for the “tangler” having an itchy, scratchy and generally miserable time for a few days. During that time “Calamine Lotion” will be your best friend.

A good rule to remember is, “see leaves of three; let them be.”

After completing “Southern Traverse,” we made a left turn to head back down the mountain via “The Grind.”

It should be noted at Blue Mountain, the trail system used throughout the resort in the summer has specifically designated trails.

Some are:

  • hiking only
  • mountain biking only
  • multi-use(hiking and/or mountain biking)

“The Grind” is a multi-use trail. Just be aware that a mountain biker may be behind you and coming up to you at a high or higher rate of speed.

Pics from “The Grind.”


Even the odd tree has it tough.


After coming off the mountain on “The Grind”, we followed “Pathway to Village”, which is essentially a sidewalk to get back to “The Village.”

A quick stroll around Mill Pond.


A big departure and something completely out of the ordinary for us was to stop and get a drink and a bite to eat at one of the restaurants in “The Village Market”

Not that we have anything against “a pint and a bite”, but it is something we just don’t normally do. If you remember at the beginning of this post, I mentioned, “who do you think the spontaneous one” is”

The “spontaneous one” suggested since it was holidays, that a “drink/pint and a bite” might just hit the spot.

The welcome mat at the restaurant. Go figure!

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.03.47 AM

Cold beverages in hand.


Something to eat! I must admit the wings at “Wild Wing” were exceptionally good! So, was the cold beer and “Berry Martini” that Lynn had.

Good job “Wild Wing.”


Patiently waiting for a morsel to drop.


Having quenched our parched throats and curbing our hunger, our time at Blue Mountain was finishing up.

Blue Mountain and all of the amenities found there, makes for a grand trip, whether it be just for a day or if you are lucky enough to spend a few days indulging yourself.

There are more than enough things to do and see, that every member of your family, young and old, will be able to say, “what a fun time I had.”

We hiked about 6.5 to 7.0 kilometres in total, with 75 percent of them either going uphill or downhill.

If you want to find out more about Blue Mountain, just give a click here and you’ll head on over to Blue Mountain’s website.

Hiking at Blue Mountain made for a great start to our vacation activities. As Lynn said so well on the way home, “what a great time.”


—  get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself  —

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