Thoughts From The Wilderness – Sunshine Always Follows The Rain

Or does it really?


The picture above is from either 2016 or 2017, taken just after a wicked storm had blown through near Orangeville, Ontario. I was on my way to meet Lynn and our daughter Sara, who had been out enjoying a Mother’s Day celebration together.

So, in this case, yes, “sunshine followed the rain.”

Obviously, the quote “sunshine always follows the rain” isn’t describing or referring to weather-related circumstances. I supposed it could, though.

Nevertheless, it’s eluding to that concept that bad times(rain) is followed by good things(sunshine).

The quote “Sunshine Always Follows The Rain” though should bring into our thought process a couple of questions?

Sunshine Always Follows The Rain

  • does it really? – it may or it may not
  • does it even need to follow?
  • what if we could at least tolerant or handle the rain better?

Does it really? – it may or it may not

How does one define sunshine?

If “sunshine always follows the rain”, then what defines rain and more importantly, what defines sunshine?

For the sake of the discussion and time, let’s define rain as a bad or negative situation. You can define “bad or negative” in any way or style you chose.

So then, what is sunshine?

Is it 180 degrees opposite of whatever the bad situation was? Is it as simple as the next day is better than whatever was happening?

When does the sunshine need to occur? Immediately after the rain or at a point in the future? And if it happens in the future, will we even recognize the sunshine that is occurring, especially if it followed rain that may have happened six months ago?

Realistically, sunshine does follow the rain. It may not be a burst of brilliant sunshine that is 180 degrees opposite of whatever was happening before. It may simply be sunshine that is trying to pierce its way through the remaining rain clouds.

Does it even need to follow?

Does weather keep a tally sheet?

“Sunshine always follows the rain” suggests some weird level of a scorecard. That for every rainy situation in our lives, there needs to follow a period of sunshine. If one thing happens, then the other needs to happen to keep the score in life even.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t appear to chug along on the basis of if something negative happens that something good or positive must happen. We may want or expect “sunshine to follow the rain”, there is no guarantee it will happen.

It could happen, but it doesn’t mean it has to happen or will happen.

Our lives, for the most part, don’t operate for long at the extremes. Defining “how long” is a subjective exercise, to say the least. Our lives are not spent entirely in “the rain”, nor do we spend our time walking the earth in “sunshine.” We may find ourselves for periods in either spot, but most of the time, we operate or live somewhere in the middle.

If asked on the street so to speak, most people I assume would answer that, “yes, having sunshine in our lives that follows a rainy period” is a good thing.

And of course, who wouldn’t want that?

But, we often go through those rainy periods(define them however you like). The rainy part ends, but the next “day” is like one of the two pictures above. What if it is like the one on the right?

It isn’t raining, and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. However, it also isn’t that brilliant sunshine we may have hoped for. Is the result bad,; is it good; or is it just life?

Furthermore, what defines rain?

What if we could at least tolerant or handle the rain better?

We know that the rain will come. It always does.

In fact, it may be raining right now where you’re sitting. Hopefully, it is only a slight drizzle.

However, what defines rain?

Is it one of those minor irritations in life? Or something much more significant that can occur? Is it or can it be both?

It depends on the person it is happening to, doesn’t it?

Regardless, of how it is defined, what if we could handle those rainy periods better?

How to effectively handle those “rainy” periods in our lives, is likely best handled or explored in another post or two or three.

But one thing that has kept rattling around in my mind about handling and dealing with difficult or troublesome issues is everything that happens with even the slightest negative scent to people – seems to be an issue.

Obviously not all, but with many people that I know, everything is an issue. And what should be considered a minor issue at BEST is now elevated to STATUS – RED ALERT or as a minimum some sort of shade of red.

All of which suggests, that for these folks, it is raining or at least drizzling all of the time.

And that can’t possibly be true – can it?

Again, a difficult question to answer in the confines of this post.

I wonder, though, if in general, we are spread so thin in our lives, that even the most minor scratch or irritation is exceedingly painful. In other words, we can be so “on edge” that we have difficulty dealing with even a tiny bit of rain in our lives.

I think that there are other reasons as well, that amplifies the “rain” space in our lives, but again, those would be better dealt with in another post.

How do we handle rain better?

There are a thousand ways to handle rain better. One way is to accept that rain is going to show up, regardless of how much we may not wish it to.

So, embrace it.

One thing Lynn and I have worked hard at doing is simplifying our life.

When our lives are so complex and busy, it usually means we’re pulled too thin. When we are pulled or wound too tight, it doesn’t take much “rain” for us to explode or implode.

I posted this piece a while ago, but I think it is relevant here in dealing with the “rainy periods” and why simplifying our lives is a good and necessary thing.

Sunshine Always Follows The Rain

Does it?

It does, but it may be peeking through the clouds or the sky may be slightly overcast. Even if it rains at night, we know that the sun rises in the morning.

But rain does come.

Learning to handle or deal with the rain in a more productive manner may make the sunshine appear far more brilliant than we think it is.

How do you handle those “rain days” in your life?

Do you expect “sunshine to follow the rain?”

Do you need “sunshine to follow the rain?”

Thanks for stopping by.

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