Thoughts From The Wilderness – Springtime

It is the traditional May long weekend in my part of Canada. It is known as Victoria Day out here in the colony, as a celebration in honour of the birthday of Queen Victoria.

That may be the origin of the holiday(which is on Monday), but for most, the holiday signals the start of the summer cottage, camping and the general “outdoors partying” season.

On the other hand, spring also signals the start of new growth.

Buds are now starting to show themselves on trees. Wildlife is having babies or has had them, and they are proudly showing them off.

In the forests, wildflowers are starting to poke through the forest floor, reaching to the heavens for light and warmth to grow.


This is a white trillium.

It is the official provincial flower of the province of Ontario. It blooms in late April and into May across forests and woodlands throughout the province.

This is the first one Lynn and I have seen this spring.

For us, it is always refreshing, exciting and comforting all in the same breath when trilliums start to appear. Often a forest floor will be a sea of white for a few weeks and scores of them burst through reaching for the sun.

As much, as it is spring in terms of the four seasons, this can also mark a springtime for us as well.

A time to shake off the leaves and debris of the previous year(s). To stretch ourselves towards the sun and make a start towards something new.

New growth; a new birth; a new life

It is far too easy to settle in and live life on autopilot. The spring seems like the perfect time to grow. In fact, it is THE perfect time.

Whatever that may look like for you, now is the time to start.

Time to burst forth and start the process to something bigger; something greater.

A tree that is thirty feet high, didn’t get to be that height overnight. It grew a little bit each day. But, it still grew.

Growth doesn’t have to be a massive change from one thing to another. It could be, but for most of us, that seems a tad unrealistic. Growth can be simply looking ahead:

  • deciding this is what I want, or
  • where I’d like to be, or
  • what I’d like to try

And simply making or taking one step towards it.

Today is supposed to be quite warm. In fact, the weather people predict it to be the warmest day of the spring.

A great day then to get outside and grow.

Source: Google Images

A new beginning; a new life!

Thanks for reading.

Now get out there and bloom!



—  get outdoors; find inspiration; discover yourself  —


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